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Police arrest serial robber on 12th Ave.

After receiving an anonymous tip Tuesday evening, the Columbus Police Department apprehended a man in connection with eight bank robberies in six Ohio counties. Authorities are investigating the possibility of accomplices.

SWAT officers arrested James H. Evans, 32, at a residence on E. 12th Avenue. Once in custody, Evans confessed to all eight robberies, two of which were in Columbus, according to an e-mail from FBI Special Agent Harry Trombitas.

Trombitas said authorities are also investigating witness reports that Evans worked with accomplices in at least two of the robberies.

Evans began the string of robberies in October 2010, which spanned Franklin, Madison, Delaware, Montgomery, Clermont and Clark counties, according to the FBI. Police apprehended him following his robbery of a Key Bank in Dayton, Ohio, on Monday.

Trombitas said Evans would likely be prosecuted on a federal level to avoid trials in all of the jurisdictions involved.


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