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Friday Fashion: How to find the right kind of jeans

No two bodies are created equal, which is why finding the perfect pair of jeans can take a lifetime. But don’t hang up your hopes yet, there are some guidelines that can speed the process along and make looking good effortless.

First, assess your body type. Decide if you’re curvy or straight, tall or petite, girly or tomboy-ish. All these things will determine what kind of jeans you pick.

If you have curves, try on trouser and flare jeans. They will accentuate your feminine shape and hug you in all the right places. Attempt to avoid low rise and boot cut styles because they will make your hips look wider and legs look shorter.

Those of you with a build like Kate Moss should bring straight leg jeans and boyfriend styles into your dressing room. The masculine cut will lengthen your entire body and make you appear extra lean. Steer clear of flares, which will bring attention to your lack of curves.

This may surprise you, but all body types can pull off skinny jeans. Don’t be fooled though, everyone cannot wear them the same way. Curvy women should choose pairs with a higher waistline and style them with riding boots. Skinny jeans will flatter a straight body type paired with flats or oxfords.

Guys, I know you have a hard time finding jeans, too. You also need to think about your body type and what you’re comfortable wearing. It seems fair to say not all guys want to wear a pair of skinny jeans.

I recommend tall and skinny guys just try on a pair of skinny jeans. You may not like them, but I guarantee you, you’ll be able to pull them off. If they’re not really your style, go for straight cut with a narrower fit. Keep away from loose fitting jeans because they will make you look scrawny and lost in your pants.

For those of you with more meat on your bones, find a relaxed fit that is looser in the leg. These jeans will be more comfortable and flattering on you because they are less restricting and don’t appear at all tight.

There are a few other things you should keep in mind when purchasing jeans. Buy them in various washes. Everyone should own a light, medium and dark wash jean. I also like to have a pair of white jeans, but they’re not a necessity.

Keep one pair for more special occasions. Find a darker wash, make an effort to keep the bottoms intact and make sure they are the most flattering pair of jeans you own.

One more thing to remember about jeans: Just because they are more expensive does not mean that they look better. Some affordable brands I recommend are Levi’s, Gap and Express.

It may take a few tries, but once you find a style you love, stick with it. You’ll feel great about yourself and find dozens of ways to wear them.

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