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Tasty Short North sushi restaurant offers plenty of choices

Aleesia Forni / Lantern photographer

Finding a great sushi place is always an interesting experience when entering a new city. After being disappointed by a few Japanese restaurants early in my college career, I have to admit, I gave up the search for finding one that fit my liking in Columbus.

And then I want to Red Bar and Sushi.

Situated next to its sister restaurant, Two Fish Bistro, Red Bar and Sushi is located in a small, darkened room at 731 N. High St., between Buttles Avenue and W. Lincoln Street in the Short North. Owned by the same company as Black Olive, another Short North dining staple, the atmosphere is cozy yet sophisticated.

The list of sushi rolls available was detailed, and each one looked delicious. The back of the menu featured the contents of each roll, which was helpful in making our decision. With more than 50 options to choose from, our table decided on three of the restaurant’s specialty rolls.

The sakura roll was undoubtedly my favorite. With cream cheese, tempura batter and topped with crumbled baked salmon, this roll was a perfect combination of a crunchy outside and smooth textured interior.

The other two types of rolls we chose were the twin dragon roll, a mixture of cucumber, salmon and tuna, and the buckeye roll, which consisted of eel, tuna, cream cheese and onion. Each was tasty, but did leave something to be desired. I have no illusions that sushi does not contain raw fish, but there was something off-putting about there being a large slice of bright pink meat situated on the top of each twin dragon roll.

The only blatantly negative aspect of Red Bar Sushi was the lobster claw machine, which allows customers to catch what would soon be their dinner. I do not claim to be a great animal rights activist, but against the backdrop of this seemingly upscale establishment, the machine was nothing but tacky.

With sushi beginning at $4 and ranging to larger combos at $15, the prices are reasonable for the quality of the food.

The owner of Red Bar and Sushi was unavailable for comment.

The service was great, and the extensive wine list also added to the overall experience. I would recommend Red Bar Sushi for anything from a romantic date night to an evening out with friends.

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