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Will Boehner cry? Will he politicize? It doesn’t matter

A true Ohio success story will give the commencement address at the spring graduation ceremony. But John Boehner’s transition from Speaker of the House to Speaker of the Horseshoe has not been embraced by everyone. Far from it.

The announcement spread quickly throughout campus and many dissenting voices were heard. The selection of Boehner has made some people so upset that they are contemplating not attending the ceremony, or so they say.

I don’t look at this as a bad thing. If these people are so distraught about a Republican speaking at graduation, then they would likely just make the experience bad for everyone.

Some like to believe that conservatives are closed-minded and intolerant and that liberals are enlightened and are accepting of everyone. But apparently even the left has its limits.

The truth is, regardless of party, Boehner is a perfect choice to give the speech. He has climbed through the political ranks to become the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the third highest office in the land, and has called Ohio home his entire life. I understand that all of this should be void because he has the wrong letter behind his name, but it is an impressive resume.

There seems to be great concern that the speech will be too political. Anyone who fears this should take a deep breath and relax because it is not going to happen. I highly doubt Boehner will come to the Obama State University and turn a commencement address into a GOP fundraiser.

If I were a liberal, I would hope and pray he gives the most political and partisan speech ever to echo through Ohio Stadium. The last political figure that came to campus to discuss partisan politics, President Barack Obama, had great hopes that his words would inspire the masses. Instead, his party was thoroughly thumped in the subsequent election. Democrats have not forgotten that night, nor will they for some time. But I like to remind them anyway.

Many of Boehner’s dissenters are hoping he breaks down and cries in front of the entire stadium. Some have predicted it, and others have likely put money on it. It is not entirely unreasonable to expect him to cry a little, considering his past. But if he does, it will pale in comparison to the amount of tears shed by so many campus liberals upon hearing that Boehner would be giving the speech.

Any conservative who was on campus during Obamamania in the fall of 2008 knows what it is like to have politics of a different color shoved down their throats. I think, or at least hope, that those on the left would be able to stomach a half-hour of hearing someone from the other side speak.

But I understand that that might be expecting too much from some people. There will surely be those who boo when Boehner is introduced. If you decide to boo, then I suggest you do it loudly. It’s a big stadium.


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