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Friday Fashion: Suiting up for summer

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No two bodies are created equal, which is why finding the perfect bathing suit is so difficult. There are some guidelines you can follow to make your shopping experience a little easier. Of course you will still need to try on plenty of bathing suits, but you might find the right one a little faster.

First, you need to know what you’re looking for. If you’re comfortable wearing a bikini, you’ll need to figure out what tops to look for based on your bust size. It’s not a problem if bikinis aren’t your thing, one-pieces can be just as flattering.

For those of you with a flatter bust, try on bikini tops with ruffles or floral patterns. The ruffles will give you the volume on top that you lack and make you look more curvaceous. Floral patterns create movement, giving you a more desirable form.

To minimize your bustline, look for halter style tops in solid colors or bold prints. The halter will keep everything in place and provide the coverage that you’re looking for. Solid colors will keep eyes on your face and off your bust. Bold patterns have a flattening effect that will tone down your curves.

The same principles apply when looking for a one-piece bathing suit. For those of you with a smaller bust, look for tube-top styles or halter styles. If you have a bigger bust, find tops that will give you the support you need. Some halter tops, spaghetti straps and even one-pieces with underwire will take care of this.

Bottoms for bikinis or tankinis are a completely different battle. This is usually just a matter of personal preference and how much skin you are willing to show.

Boyshorts are perfect for full coverage. They give your butt some lift and give you more flattering curves. If you already consider yourself to be “bootylicious,” boyshorts are probably not the best option.

Basic scoop bikini bottoms are perfect for those of you with a lot of junk in the trunk. Showing the little bit of hip and thigh that the boyshorts cover up will elongate your legs and give you a more slender look. It will lessen your curves and keep you in proportion.

String bikini bottoms are hard to get right. You need just enough curve to fill out the bottom, but keep in mind that you’ll probably be showing a good amount of skin. When trying these on, make sure you tie the sides both tightly and loosely to ensure that they will fit no matter what you decide to do.

The most important part about bathing suit shopping is wearing the appropriate underwear. I highly recommend minimal coverage to get as close to the bathing suit’s actual fit as possible. Finally, you need to be comfortable with the style you choose. You want to focus on having fun, not hiding under a towel.

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