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Tuition late fees won’t be assessed until Thursday due to campus power outage

A car accident on Ohio State’s campus, in which a car hit a transformer, caused several university departments to have issues with normal operations Wednesday. As many as 20 university buildings were without cable, internet and phone service as a result of the accident.

The Student Academic Services building was one of the 20 buildings affected.

With Wednesday being the fee payment deadline for OSU students, representatives from the SAS building posted a statement on OSU’s website regarding tuition payment.

“Due to the power outage in the SAS building, the Student Services Center will be unable to serve visitors, callers and emailers until power resumes,” the statement said. “As today is the fee payment deadline, late fees will not be assessed Thursday (Sept. 15).”

This year is the first year tuition is due one week before the official start of classes at OSU. The university decided to change the policy and require that tuition payments be made one week before classes.

Facilities Operations and Development released a statement today notifying the university of the affected areas.

During the power outage, 16 residence halls were affected by the accident: Barrett House, Blackburn House, Drackett Tower, Halloran House, Haverfield House, Houck House, Jones Tower, Lane Avenue Apartments, Neilwood Gables, North Commons, Norton House, Nosker House, Raney Commons, Royer Commons, Scott House, Taylor Tower.

“During the power outage, university cable TV, telephone, wireless and wired services may be unavailable in the locations listed,” the statement said.

FOD expects all services to be restored by 8 p.m. on Wednesday, and if they are not, they will release another statement with a new time estimate.

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