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Friday Fashion: Be the cat’s meow for Halloween

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With Halloween festivities already in the works, coming up with a costume may have lost prominence on your to-do List. If you’re looking for last-minute and inexpensive get-ups, here are some ideas that are perfect for any costume contest.

A cat is always a good option. If you have black leggings, a black top and some ears, you’ve got yourself a costume. But why not take it to the next level? Be a cat burglar! This is your basic cat costume jazzed up with a mask and burlap sack labeled with the “$” sign to hold your loot. Complete your look with a pair of sky-high heels to make you look more like a college student than kindergartner.

For a flashy costume, Lady Gaga is a possibility. This outfit can take many different directions and can be inexpensive. Any Lady Gaga costume starts with a basic leotard. Accessories will make it all come together. Bulky, geometric jewelry reflects her edginess. Large sunglasses are a must — the bigger the better. You should also wear fishnets and your most unique pair of high heels. A leather jacket would be a great addition to this look. Make sure to do over-the-top eye makeup and use a bold lipstick.

Everyone loves a good witch. This year, take this classic costume and make it sleek and sexy. Find your favorite slinky little black dress and pair it with basic black pumps. Add an orange ribbon to a black witch hat for a festive pop of color. The simplicity of this costume will allow you to get creative with your makeup. Use brightly colored eye shadow or lime green nail polish. If you have a “crackle” topcoat by a brand such as OPI, this is the perfect opportunity to use it.

Make a statement this year — be Rosie the Riveter! Start with a pair of skinny jeans and work boots (you could even use solid-colored rain boots). Add an oversized navy blue button down shirt and roll the sleeves up past your elbows as you have to show your muscles. Top it all off with a red bandana tied at the top of your forehead. Keep your makeup simple. Natural colors and a clear lip-gloss are probably best.

If you’re looking for an attention-grabbing costume, a disco ball outfit is a perfect fit. An allover silver sequin dress will catch the light and make you sparkle. Channel your inner go-go dancer with a high ponytail at the top of your head. Straighten your hair beforehand if you’re going for a mod look. Glittery shoes will bring everything together. Your makeup should be fun and fresh. Use a hot pink lip-gloss with a hint of sparkle to shine all night long.

Costume ideas don’t need to be complicated or stressful. You can take any of these basic costumes and personalize them with items you already have in your closet.

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