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Commentary: Seacrest, J-Lo, Jackson, Tyler back for more on ‘American Idol’

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Another year, another season … this is “American Idol.”

The hit reality show kicked off its 11th season last week with the usual antics we have all come to know and love from aspiring musicians attempting to get their hands on a “golden ticket” to Hollywood.

Ryan Seacrest led the cast through the same exact thing that we have seen since Day 1. There was a huge crowd of people, and we all wondered how some of the people get through to sing for the judges. I just wonder how much longer America will enjoy watching people make fools of themselves in front of some of the top musicians in the world.

The highlight of the season, for me, is always the judges’ reactions. Although they don’t differ year to year, it is funny to see Randy Jackson’s “yo dawg” phrases and Steven Tyler’s ability to stick his foot in his mouth due to his fascination with long-legged, underage women. For example, the first week featured Tyler hitting on a 15-year-old girl in front of her father, former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Joe Magrane.

It was definitely a moment that made me cringe while sitting on the couch at home. I could just feel the awkwardness pouring from the screen.

There was some impressive talent, as there always is, but I don’t know if I can stomach another season. I admit I am one of those who usually tunes in to the auditions, and again when the season is down to its top four contestants or so.

I appreciate the fact that they can discover hidden talent, but I feel as if it has become more of a publicity stunt than an actual competition. It seems as if most people associated with the show are more concerned with their fame rather than the actual contest.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Tyler has seen his career revived with a slew of new fans because of the “tween” audience that the show is targeted toward. I can’t blame him for taking the spot last season, it was a very smart career move that has paid off greatly.

I hope the show can continue , but I think the show might have already hit its peak.

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