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Friday Fashion: The books that make the perfect beach accessory

As I’m sure most college students do, I struggle to find time to read. A week ago, a recent college graduate told me that one of her favorite things about a lifestyle in the job market is that she has time to read whatever books she wants.

As a college student, any free moment I get must be filled with reading textbooks or writing papers. While I write you this list of my favorite books about the fashion industry, I am painfully reminded that I have read most of them while on vacation.  

There are thousands of books about fashion, the business of fashion, fashion design, fashion styling, event planning, and so on, but I believe these five books give you an excellent understanding of the industry. They have helped me to immensely grow my knowledge of the business.

“Sleeping With The Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War,” by Hal Vaughan

Few are as iconic as Chanel, but her legacy is jaded in question of her involvement as a German intelligence officer during World War II. This book explores the rumors while being a biography for one of the world’s most notable fashion figures. I enjoyed this book because it helped me to understand the time period in which Chanel was designing, as well as her business. It is a great history lesson for anyone interested in fashion.

“In Fashion,” by Annemarie Iverson

Including sections such as “Why Fashionistas Wear Black,” this book gives wanna-be fashion students the insight they need for getting ahead in the industry. With keys on what to wear when, what are appropriate office cubicle decorations and where to focus your efforts, this book truly inspired me to keep chugging along in a fashion career path. This book is very informational and inspirational.   

“In and Out of Vogue,” by Grace Mirabella with Judith Warner

Former editor-in-chief of “Vogue,” Grace Mirabella tells the story of her rise to and fall from power at a top fashion magazine. Truly portraying the ebb and flow of fashion, Mirabella details what it took to get ahead and the future of fashion publications. This book is a solid autobiography of her career path in one of the toughest industries. Again, a good read for anyone looking to break into fashion.

“Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster,” by Dana Thomas

This book takes an in-depth look at the business of fashion internationally and analyzes why things are “on trend,” how shoppers shop, how the industry tailors everything to the consumer and the international production market. Having not had a business background, this book is especially interesting in understanding the market and the money-making side of fashion. This book was incredibly interesting and one I couldn’t put down.

“If You Have to Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You,” by Kelly Cutrone

If you’ve seen the reality show “The City,” you’ll understand the premise of this book. This is my current read and one I would recommend to any fashion student looking to move to New York City. Kelly is very direct and open with her love for New York, and this book details her career path into fashion from a small town in New Jersey. I love the book so far and am enjoying her tips for college students on how to get ahead.

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