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Bluestone to host ‘wild’ EDM party

Amanda Abney / Lantern reporter

Dubstep, electro house, techno, and drum and bass are just a few types of electronic music that will flood The Bluestone Friday at Where the Wild Things Rage.

My Best Friend’s Party is presenting Where the Wild Things Rage at The Bluestone, located at 583 E. Broad St., Friday. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Chad “Attak” Smith, Nick “Carma” Reed and Vincent “Magua” Fracello make up MBFP, which throws events in Columbus.

“When it first started, we were putting on a broad range of shows covering the spectrum from Bmore house to indie rap,” said Reed, a 2005 Ohio State alumnus in journalism communications.

Bmore Club music is a style of house music popular in Baltimore in the 1990s.

WTWTR will be a showcase of local Columbus talent in the electric dance music scene.

Moombahton music will also be featured, which contains Latin drum beats combined with slowed down electro house.

“There is a lot of really talented people performing and making music in Ohio today, and we thought this was a good place to start with our first big multistage show,” Reed said.

WTWTR will offer three stages of multi-genre EDM.

“Musicality, like all of our events lately, will present a broad range of genres and tempos, so as to accommodate the tastes of everyone,” Reed said.

The event will offer more than just spins from DJs.

“The event will also feature a number of performers including poi, stilt-walkers, hula-hoopers and live painters,” Reed said. “We are also going to have a costume contest and performances on a catwalk in the middle of the dance floor.”

Poi is a type of performance art in which weights are swung in geometric patterns.

Some EDM fans are going all out by making their costumes themselves with everything from faux fur to contact lenses.

“I have a bushy tail, a pair of fluffies (faux fur leg warmers), and ears that I made myself,” said Kayleigh Pedersen, 22, from Akron. “Then I have purchased a prosthetic cat nose, body paint and cat contact lenses which I am really excited about.”

Reed said MBFP hopes to create an alternate universe with the lighting display and decorations.

“We are going all out to ensure that the entire building is decorated and lit in such a way as to allow people to feel immersed in the experience,” Reed said. “There will be intelligent lighting and lasers at all stages as well as in the hallways throughout the building.”

This event is being compared to the waterpark parties MBFP has thrown the past two years.

“It’s going to be a massive like this city hasn’t seen since the fabled waterpark parties with an all-local-talent-packed lineup,” said Bryan Keller, 33, of Network EDM.

MBFP throws a party every Wednesday called Thump that has brought in national EDM acts such as Marty Party, Koan Sound and Gemini.

Gamma is the next big event that MBFP has planned, which will include headliners such as roeVy, Midnight Conspiracy and The Chaotic Good.     

Tickets for Where the Wild Things Rage are available for presale on ohiovibe.net or at the door the night of the show for $10. This is an 18-and-up show.

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