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Columbus gets chance to go-go for barbecue, dance music

There aren’t many shows where the performing artists could be covered in barbecue sauce, with nearly 100 pounds of ribs nearby, it’s a possibility at this one.

DNBBBQ, which stands for Drum and Bass and Barbecue, which has taken place for 10 years, will be hosted for the first time by Fresh Beet Productions with headliners Trevor Lamont and Phantom 45 Saturday at Ruby Tuesday, located at 1978 Summit St.

“We will have 80-100 pounds of ribs and a professional chef coming in to cook them on a $10,000 smoker,” said Jeff Bonz Dixon, co-creator of Fresh Beet Productions and DJ Three6zero. “All you can eat ribs and great DJs – what more can you ask for?”

Ribs will be ready at 8 p.m., and music starts at 9 p.m.

Mike Toppins, co-creator of Fresh Beet Productions, also said he is excited for the show.

“We got Phantom 45, Trevor Lamont, and we are going to be covered in barbecue sauce,” Toppins said.

Fresh Beet Productions is known for mixing in an old-school element to its parties, Dixon said.

“We like to bring out those old-school DJs that have been doing things for years and mixing them up with the new and upcoming artists,” Dixon said. “It really gives our shows a well-rounded feel.”

Phantom 45, whose real name is Brian Sarpalius, is best known for his drum and bass skills. He used to travel the rave circuit back in the 1990s.

“We thought it would be great to have a true drum-and-bass DJ out who can really give this event a kick,” Dixon said.

Sarpalius is also known for operating the longest-running electronic nightclub in Chicago, Neo Nightclub. In September, it will mark 33 years in operation.

Lamont is known for his jazz style of house music and has been playing the circuit for years.

“I play more along the lines of sexy deep house,” Lamont said. “I have been playing since 1987, so I know how to flow.”

Lamont appeals to a diverse crowd, Dixon said.

“Trevor is the man, and his house tracks have a vibe that is felt all over the dance floor,” Dixon said. “If you have never seen this guy spin, come out and see what I’m talking about.”

Both headlining DJs have been playing at the same shows for about 15 years and have become good friends, which helps the flow of the music when they play together.

“One thing I have always liked about parties was the flow,” Lamont said. “We have played together plenty of times, and we know how to make (the music) flow.”

Sarpalius said Saturday will be a great time.

“I plan to bring a lot of energy, some anthems and some fun stuff.” Sarpalius said. “There will be something for everybody.”

Juicy Entertainment, located in Detroit, will provide go-go dancers for the event.

There will also be multiple tag-team sets on Saturday.

“Tag-team sets are where two or more DJs will play at one time playing a few tracks each and rotate during the same time slot,” Dixon said.

Some of the tag-team sets include Bit Flip with Three6zero, Zeno with Judas, Hawstyle with Glitch and Aria with Shinma.

“I’m hyped to do a tag set with Aria, Shinma and Glitch,” said Chris Haws of Hawstyle. “We are just going to have fun and play the jungle and drum and bass tunes we want to hear.”

The event will be $7 before 11 p.m. and $10 after.

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