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Commentary: CISPA, missing journalists proof it’s a wicked world

“It’s a wicked world that we live in. It’s cruel and unforgiving.”

The Transplants said that. And as far as I can tell, it’s as true as anything else in this world of uncertainty.

My confidant, Philip Howiler, told me about a girl who was shot in the face by her boyfriend. I asked if she died, to which he told me it is possible to survive such an injury.

This really got me thinking about what a wicked world we live in.

On Sunday, as many as 21 Christians were murdered in warm blood during a church service on a campus in northern Nigeria. Authorities suspect the gunmen to be part of Boko Haram, a radical Islamic sect.

An investigative news website, Mediapart, found evidence of an illegal 50 million Euro donation from former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to French president Nicolas Sarkozy, which might have boosted him into power. Sarkozy just laughed it off as a fake hoping it will get him enough votes to win the election – completely legally, as always. Sarkozy is now filing a lawsuit against Mediapart saying the document is “crude forgery.”

And the military (and your lover, Facebook) is preparing to censor the Internet and access your private information via the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act which has passed in the House. (Remember SOPA? Well, this is worse and moving much faster through Congress.)

“People just have no criterion left to evaluate the importance of things. I think the only thing that would really affect people would be the announcement that the world was going to be blown up by the hydrogen bomb,” said Philip K. Dick, from “An Interview with Philip K. Dick.”

“But outside of that, I don’t think they would react to anything.”

And if you think it’s any easier for people in my line of duty, a French journalist was injured and went missing after three soldiers and a police official were gunned down in a raid of five cocaine labs in Bogota, Colombia, Saturday. That’s just sick.

It’s comparable to shooting the Union Army’s drummer boy. Not cool, bad guys.

Things are not going our way, planet Earth. And it’s nobody’s fault but our own.

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