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Social media serves as a key tool for job-searching students

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From LinkedIn to Facebook and Twitter, social media networks have become key tools for students who are looking for a job.

Employers are looking for students who are social network savvy. When it comes to interviews, a common question asked by employers is, “What do you think of our use of social media networks?”

Doing research on a company is always important before an interview, but it is also important to look at each of the company’s social media sites.

Besides the company’s sites, students need to make sure what they post on Facebook, Twitter and other sites is something they would feel comfortable having a potential employer see.

When employers are looking to hire, the first thing many companies do after an overview of the resume is check the potential employee’s social media networks.

Even though social media networks are a fun way to express yourself and talk to friends, it might be a good idea to filter what you say. If an employer reads a tweet or Twitter bio that is inappropriate, it might cause them to reconsider hiring you.

Filtering your networks and making them more professional is essential for making a good impression on potential employers.

To make your pages more professional, you should change your information on Facebook and Twitter to include your major and your career goals.

If you do want to keep on tweeting or posting less professional things, you can make private sites and keep the more professional sites public so potential employers can still learn more about you.

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