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Ohio State design students to display talents to professionals, Columbus

Courtesy of Leigh Lotocki

One of Ohio State’s downtown arts venues is set to open its doors to a whole new group of creators. And while the works might go by a different name than the usual art hanging in the space’s halls, creativity is not lost within the 10,000 square-foot gallery.

Seniors from OSU’s Department of Design will showcase their senior theses at OSU’s Urban Arts Space Tuesday through Saturday. The Department of Design Spring Exhibition will include works by graduating seniors in industrial design, interior design and visual communication design.

Exhibition visitors can expect to see design works across a variety of mediums, presentations and styles.

“You’ll see a wide variety of projects even within each major, a lot of different approaches and subject matters,” said professor Paul Nini, Department of Design chairperson. “Students may show sketches, plans, renderings and you’ll see models that look very much like what the final products will be.”

In addition to allowing students to share their work with families and friends, the exhibition will give student designers the opportunity to network and present their talents and abilities to representatives from professional design firms from the Columbus area and beyond, Nini said.

OSU’s Urban Arts Space is scheduled to hold two receptions for the Spring Exhibition. The first, held Tuesday, is titled “Professionals Night,” which will be held as a networking opportunity for students, alumni and professional designers.

“‘Design Professionals Night’ is an opportunity for alumni of the Department of Design, professional recruiters and all other design professionals to network with the seniors, who will be there to discuss their projects and potentially connect with a future employer,” said Leigh Lotocki, communications coordinator at the Urban Arts Space, in an email.

The second reception, scheduled for Wednesday, will be open to the public. The free event will offer complimentary refreshments and will be a forum for interaction between visitors, students and department staff.

“Wednesday will be a ‘Family and Friends’ night, which will be a more party atmosphere where everyone can come in and see the students work and congratulate them,” Nini said.

The public reception is scheduled to run from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

While the exhibition will focus on the graduating seniors, it’s geared toward attracting more than prospective employers.

Michael Leroy, a third-year in visual communication design, said he is among those already preparing, and is excited for the senior exhibition show next spring.

“It’s really important for seniors to have a show so that not only designers, but also the general public can see what we do and what design at OSU is all about,” Leroy said. “Because the show is downtown, I think it appeals to a much larger audience and more people are able to see it. I like that it’s presented as an exhibit because I believe design to be an art form that is sometimes overlooked.”

OSU’s Department of Design accepts 18 to 20 students into each of its three design programs per year. Since the programs are sequential, all courses are set for the students to finish the major together in the spring.

OSU’s Urban Art’s Space is located at 50 W. Town St. in Suite 130.

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