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Friday fashion: Don’t sweat the August heat, make wardrobe choices one degree at a time

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Now that August has arrived (I know, this summer went by too fast), Mother Nature will be kicking the heat up a notch and that means your wardrobe may need a little tweaking. There’s nothing less attractive than a cute outfit gone wrong because of overactive sweat glands. Here are a few ways to dress to impress even in the sweltering weather.

75 degree-day: This is the perfect temperature to wear whatever you like. Take advantage of it! You can choose pants, shorts, a dress, any kind of top-your possibilities are endless. That being said, I don’t recommend leaving the house in pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt. Opt for things that are a bit trendier and that you want to try to pull off without too much of a hassle.

80 degree-day: It’s starting to get a bit warmer. You can keep the pants, but be sure to pair them with a tank or at the very least, a light T-shirt. Shorts will generally keep you comfy and maxi-dresses are not out of the question yet. (The head-to-toe fabric length will make you sweat a lot more than you think.) On these days, I suggest trying out a flowy maxi dress or skirt-even a midi, which is coined for having a hemline above the knee, would be fun.

85 degree-day: This is hot. You will sweat walking a couple blocks to your favorite coffee shop and the last thing you want to do when ordering your morning latte is look like you ran a marathon to get there. To avoid this problem, avoid pants altogether and opt for shorts with more flowy tops to avoid sweat showing under your bra line. You’ll also want to consider shirts without sleeves to avoid underarm sweat marks.

90 degree-day: I consider days like this to be torture for any fashionista because your options become limited to short, flowy dresses. This is weather that will make you sweat the minute you walk out the door and if you don’t have air conditioning in your house or apartment, getting dressed will be a struggle too. Pick out above-the-knee trapeze dresses, A-line full skirts and tons of tanks. You want the air to flow freely throughout your outfit. It might sound strange, but it’s completely necessary to avoid looking like you took a shower twice.

Hotter than a 95 degree-day: This kind of weather signals it’s time to go shopping. Malls are air-conditioned and it’s not usually safe to be outside when it’s hotter than 95 degrees. At this point, nothing you wear will be safe from sweat stains so your only hope of avoiding them is to choose darker colors like black or navy, or white.

Dressing for the dog days of summer is nothing short of a nightmare, but if you know what the structure of your outfit needs to be, you can work with what you already have in your closet to ensure a somewhat-comfortable day outside.

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