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Zach Deputy looking to feed dance music into Columbus’ soul

Courtesy of Zach Deputy

Singer-songwriter Zach Deputy loves playing music so much that the last time he came to Columbus, he just didn’t want to stop.

“I played four sets. I just kept playing from like 9 (p.m.) to 2:30 or 3 in the morning,” Deputy said. “I’d be content with playing like four or five sets a day. It’s still fun for me.”

Deputy is scheduled to bring his self-described “dance music for the soul” back to Columbus 9:30 p.m. Monday at Woodland’s Tavern. And he said he can’t wait to give his fans another memorable show.

“It’s fun. I can hear the audience if they’re super loud, but for me, I go off into my own world and remind myself of all the good things and forget all the bad,” Deputy said.

For the past four years, Deputy has been touring as a one-man show, constantly experimenting with playing unconventional instruments.

“I’ve played a garbage can, a balloon … I keep coming up with new ideas,” Deputy said. “Anything that makes a sound, I’ll play it.”

However, Deputy has crossed over into more serious songwriting on his latest album “Another Day.”

“It’s an R&B, folk and soul record,” Deputy said. “I made it in four days in Manhattan and really enjoyed making it, but I don’t listen to any of my albums that much. I’m always thinking about what I’m going to do next.”

What’s next for Deputy is to keep concentrating on his music, both as a singer and a producer.

“I’m moving into producing,” Deputy said. “I would produce other peoples’ records if I enjoyed the audience and they really wanted me to, (but) at first I just want to produce my own songs. I have way too many songs.”

Deputy said he plans to keep working on those songs when he has time off from touring, but visiting his family in Savannah, Ga., is also one of his biggest priorities.

“I love playing music so much but I also love my family,” Deputy said. “I try to balance the both of them, but I never stop being on the road, that’s for sure.”

Deputy started playing music and touring only four years ago, but he said it has been extremely fulfilling.

“It’s fun for me,” Deputy said. “You should find things in life where you never quit learning and you never quit enjoying, because there’s always something else to explore.”

Ami Heinrich, Deputy’s former publicist who worked with him for three years, said Deputy is one of the most gifted artists she has worked with.

“I think Zach is maybe one of the most talented musicians on the scene,” Heinrich said. “He can play guitar like the best of them. But at the same time, it’s his singing and his looping and his being an entire band in one that’s pretty phenomenal.”

If his live shows are any indication, Deputy’s fans seem to be equally as enamored.

Tracy Tobias, who works at Woodlands Tavern, said Deputy’s shows are always a big hit.

“He usually brings in a pretty big crowd of people in their mid-20s to early 30s,” Tobias said. “Last time he played here, the room was packed.”

Deputy said, however, he does not worry much about what other people think of his music.

“I don’t believe I’m unique,” Deputy said. “As long as you’re not afraid of what people think then you’re going to be yourself. As a musician, you have a responsibility to be honest on stage and expose the deepest parts of you and let that shine.”

Tickets for the concert are available for $12 in advance or $15 at the door. Woodlands Tavern is located at 1200 West 3rd Ave.

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