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Ohio State doctor named president of neurological society

Courtesy of OSU

Ohio State’s Dr. Ali Rezai was named president of one of the largest neurological societies in the world this month.
The Congress of Neurological Surgeons has more than 8,000 members around the world and aims at educating the public about scientific discoveries and their implications for clinical practice.
Rezai has served on the executive committee of CNS for the past 11 years and had been involved in numerous roles with CNS including scientific program chairman at the annual meeting, according to a press release.
“It’s a great honor and privilege that the society has accepted me as president, this is the largest society for neurosurgeons and our mission is to advance health to the general public,” Rezai said.
Rezai said he was president-elect for the past year but the title of president officially came on Oct. 9 when the CNS met in Chicago for its annual meeting.
“I am honored to be passing the reins to Ali Rezai this year,” said former-president, Christopher Wolfla, in a statement. “His leadership and passion for internationalism will serve the Congress well as it focuses on educational innovations and global development over the coming year.”
Rezai said in medical school he was fascinated by the complicated nature of the body and how it affects personality and behavior.
“I chose neurosurgery because it integrated all aspects of the brain. I also feel that neurosurgery has potential for growth in technological advances I think can help patients,” Rezai said.
He worked at the Cleveland Clinic for 10 years before coming to OSU, and he said it was his desire for making new discoveries that brought him to Columbus.
“It’s a tremendously positive environment at Ohio State and what’s attracted me here are the people, the excellence in academics and the desire to push frontiers forward. There’s a passion and professionalism of OSU students and faculty with great leadership from OSU President (E.) Gordon Gee and (Wexner Medical Center CEO) Dr. Steven Gabbe,” Rezai said.
Rezai is widely recognized for his treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders using deep brain stimulation. He has also been highly acclaimed for his research in the area of neuromodulation and its use for treatment of various medical conditions including depression, addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and traumatic brain injury, according to a press release.    
“He has incredible empathy for the patients and families of those patients and he cares about people’s quality of life. I feel he’s a gifted neurosurgeon that can transform people’s lives,” Gabbe said.
Rezai ultimately hopes to continue the advancement of neurosurgery worldwide with innovative technology training and the learning of neurosurgery through the development of simulators and the development of neurosurgery in class curriculums.

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  1. Congratulation to Dr. Ali Rezai. I hope he will continue his good works as before. Funny thing here is, Rezai’s face is somewhat similar to President Obama. 😀 . What do you think?

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