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Adult Swim’s ‘Metalocalypse’ channeling sound to Columbus stage

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In Adult Swim’s animated TV series “Metalocalypse,” fans are required to sign pain waivers to see Dethklok, but when the show comes to Columbus Friday, that’s not required.

The “Metalocalypse” concert is scheduled to be performed Friday at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. Doors open at 6 p.m. Bands All That Remains, Machine Head and The Black Dahlia Murder are slated to open the show.

“Metalocalypse,” created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, follows the lives of the members of the biggest metal band in the world, Dethklok.

Small said bringing an animated series to life in concert has required a lot of time in the studio.

The animated characters will be projected onto large LCD screens while Small and fellow musicians Mike Keneally, Gene Hoglan and Bryan Beller will act as a pit band, providing instrumentals for the projected performance from a stage below.

“We are more of a pit band, like a musical or opera,” Small said.

He also said the pit band doesn’t want to distract the audience from the projection of Dethklok, but it still wants to be out front so fans can actually see the music being played live.

“We can be as serious as we want to be or as stupid as we want to be,” Small said.

Justin Franklin, a third-year in finance, said he is going to miss the Columbus show but he has seen it live before.

“I saw them in Oakland so I’m not too bummed about missing it,” said Franklin, who has been a fan of “Metalocalypse” since its first season.

“The interactions between the characters and the rest of the world, and the ridiculous levels of opulence of everything the band does is just fantastic,” he said.

In the TV show, Dethklok is the biggest band in the world and everything revolves around it, including the world economy.

Even though the show is based on a metal band, Small said the music is something that comes last in the show’s writing.

“Music is the afterthought. It comes after the script is written,” Small said. “But we have to make sure it is strong. We don’t want the audience to get bored.”

Small said he enjoys the cross section of fans that “Metalocalypse” appeals to.

“We see people in ‘South Park’ shirts and ‘(The) Simpsons’ shirts, so we know we are drawing from other comedies,” Small said.

Dane Spencer, 28, from Toledo, said he is driving two hours to see “Metalocalypse” live. Spencer said he has been a fan since the show premiered in 2006.

Spencer said he watches various shows that air on Adult Swim, but he really enjoys “Metalocalypse” because of the musical aspect.

“I really like the blend of music and comedy and that (Small) writes all the music for the show,” Spencer said.

Tickets for the show are $35 for general admission and purchasable through Ticketmaster.

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