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Ginna Hoben’s ‘The Twelve Dates of Christmas’ to make Columbus head over heels for the holidays

Courtesy of Sarah Bacha

One Ohioan is putting her dating life in the spotlight this holiday season.

“The Twelve Dates of Christmas,” written and performed by Ginna Hoben, is a one-woman holiday show that highlights the humor of dating during the holidays while still focusing on what really matters this time of year.

The show is scheduled to run through Dec. 23 at the Riffe Center’s Studio Three.

“It navigates the holidays and different aspects within them,” Hoben said. “It has a great deal of heart.”

The performance centers on Mary, a 33-year-old woman who sees her fiancé kissing another woman at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It follows what happens after – mostly friends setting her up on dates and finding her way through New York City as a single woman.

Although the play is set in New York, Hoben said because she is from Columbus and the Midwest, there are references to Ohio throughout the performance.

Similarly, some of the scenes performed are based off Hoben’s real-life experiences.

“In 2008 I went through a breakup and everyone descended on me,” Hoben said. “I (wrote this) from 10 years of dating experience.”

After sharing her dating record with friends and family, Hoben said she figured those experiences would make for a good performance.

“Friends and family said my stories were hilarious and I should write them down,” she said.

Hoben also said she didn’t write “The Twelve Dates of Christmas” with the intention of targeting only a female audience.

“History has taught me the show is really successful with men and women,” Hoben said. “Men love it because they go on dates too.”

The performance is catching some students’ attention as well.

“It sounds really funny and interesting,” said Carly Fusco, a second-year in psychology. “I enjoy things like that – drama and theater.”

Other students aren’t as keen on seeing the play, though.

Chris Luke, a second-year in mechanical engineering, said he wouldn’t go because he enjoys entertainment with more action, but he would likely see “The Twelve Dates of Christmas” for one reason.

“If a girl wanted to go, I guess I would go,” Luke said.

“The Twelve Dates of Christmas” isn’t Hoben’s first solo performance. Working alone, however, has different challenges than working with other performers, Hoben said.

“It requires a different focus,” she said. “You can’t rely on partners and it requires different ammunition.”

No matter if it’s a one-woman show or a full cast production, Hoben said a play can be a great production as long as everyone is on board.

Being that this play is a cross between stand-up and theater, she said “The Twelve Dates of Christmas” stands out among other performances.

Hoben said if there’s one thing the audience can get out of the performance it’s laughter.

“I hope they laugh a lot,” she said. “It’s like the audience is at a party and someone is telling stories.”

The Riffe Center is located at 77 S. High St. Tickets for “The Twelve Dates of Christmas” are $35 and available through Ticketmaster.

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