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Commentary: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show equal to sporting events for some guys

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It has finally arrived. The day we’ve been waiting 364 days for. The day when men everywhere succumb to the media event that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. While the show was filmed on Nov. 7, the highly produced version is slated to air 10 p.m. Tuesday on CBS and will expectably be watched and re-watched for months to come. Prepare for Facebook to blow up and for Twitter service to be interrupted, because every man you know, and most women, will be unreachable during the hourlong special.

The media spectacle of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show allures me year after year. No, not just for the gorgeous women, although that’s an added bonus, but because this show is an entertainment-lover’s dream. The runway is graced by the most gorgeous women we’ll ever see, airbrushed and all, wearing elaborate costume-style lingerie that everyday women would likely never put on. There is a certain drama associated with the show though, and frequent camera shots backstage give viewers at home a glimpse of the bizarre and complicated process of staging a media event surrounding half-naked women wearing angel wings.

Along with the decadence of the costumes, the show would be nothing without the presence of the incredibly talented musical artists. The musical performances aren’t just a showcase of talent, they are memorable. “Angel” by Akon will forever revive memories of the 2010 fashion show, and the 2011 tribute “Stronger” by Kanye West to his late mother was heartfelt and emotional. West was scheduled to perform at the 2007 show but canceled after his mother died before its recording. This year’s performers include Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, and I fully expect impressive acts from each of them.

The attention that men give to this fashion show rivals some sporting events, and the irony of their dedication, due to guys not normally being interesting in fashion shows, isn’t lost on me.

My viewing experience this year will likely involve more than a dozen men in front of a TV, and a few girlfriends thrown in, watching the show in awe and reverence.

Gruff catcalls and dropping jaws will abound. The women in the room will inevitably be comparing their bodies to Alessandra Ambrosio’s. Popcorn will be passed, and the entire time, I’ll be more impressed with the bedazzled bras than what lies underneath. This is part of the thrill that surrounds the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – there is truly something for everyone. Men and women should watch this fashion show for what it is: a show. It’s an edited, scripted, choreographed fashion display with almost no grounding in reality. With that sentiment in mind, I will be watching this year’s event as an entertainment guru knowing this: it will be fabulous.

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