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Restaurant review: Sushi Ting offers tasteful dishes, friendly service, perks for regulars

Rose Davidson / Lantern reporter

When I first pulled up to the restaurant in 2009, Sushi Ting didn’t look like much. Located in a scarcely populated strip mall on Olentangy River Road, the appearance was far from impressive. It would have been easy to write off the restaurant completely, but I’m thankful I decided to venture inside. This restaurant now tops my list of favorite places to dine in Columbus, and my roommate and I have become what some might call regulars.

Upon entering, visitors are immediately welcomed by the aroma of tempura, a deep-fried batter that is the staple of many of the restaurant’s dishes. The décor is minimalistic yet tasteful: small pieces of Japanese artwork line the walls and elegant light fixtures adorn the ceiling. Warm autumn tones accent the open room, which appears to seat about 70. In the back is a large sushi bar where diners can watch as their food being prepared.

Like with all of our visits, my roommate and I were seated right away by a friendly young woman who also served as our waitress. She asked for our drink orders and was highly attentive throughout our meal. After perusing the menu, which boasts an extensive list of sushi options, I ordered a Sweet Potato Dynamite roll. For $8, I received eight pieces containing sweet potato tempura, asparagus tempura, cucumber and cream cheese. The roll was topped with tempura flakes, tying the dish’s ingredients together and adding an extra crisp to each bite.

I wanted to sample a variety of Sushi Ting’s offerings, so I also ordered a hibachi chicken box, though the box alone would have been more than enough for a hearty meal. It included chicken, vegetables, fruits, a small seaweed salad and a delicious serving of fried rice, along with the restaurant’s sweet signature “Ting Ting” sauce for dipping, all for $11.95. The hibachi box also came with a choice of soup or salad, so I opted for the spicy miso soup. I’m usually not one for spicy dishes, but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Instead of igniting a fire on my tongue, the soup offered a subtle spice that settled in the back of my throat.

The soup came to the table quickly and, upon finishing, the main course followed promptly. After dinner, the waitress even brought a complimentary scoop of mango mochi ice cream to the table. She had given us similar desserts several times in the past, each as a “thank you” for being such loyal customers. I enjoyed every item I ate, and, combined with the spectacular service, I would say this restaurant is a must-try for any sushi enthusiast.

The restaurant is located at 2875 Olentangy River Road. It is open daily for dinner, as well as lunch, Monday through Friday.

Grade: A

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