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Album review: Tim McGraw breathes new life into positive tracks in ‘Two Lanes of Freedom’

Tim McGraw is, without a doubt, one of the most talented artists in today’s country music. And with his new album, he is flying free.

In an interview with Billboard, McGraw talked about wanting to project life into his music and have the listener feel it too. He has never struggled with this concept, as life and passion weave through his songs, creating characters for listeners to connect to. “Two Lanes of Freedom,” McGraw’s latest project, continues this streak.

“Truck Yeah” is more than just the album’s lead single, it easily became the southern summer anthem for the “hillbilly proud.” McGraw asserts, “If you think this life I love is a little too country / You’re right on the money / Truck yeah.”

Saucy track “One of Those Nights” has also graced country radio waves. McGraw’s anecdotal lyricism puts the listener in the moment and in the mood as the night unfolds for an eager young couple. His impeccable detail hooks the listener into the story as he sings, “Full moon through a crack in the windshield / You hold her close and you’ll never forget how her heartbeat feels.”

McGraw announced five years ago he was turning his life around by getting sober, and the change looks good on him. His happiness and health project through his music as he sings, “I can tell God’s smiling down, I just get that feeling / You and me going town to town, on two lanes of freedom,” in the title track.

“Two Lanes of Freedom” showcases McGraw in his prime, proving the 45-year-old can still shine among fresher faces like Keith Urban and Taylor Swift, who are both featured on the album in the beautifully blended and emotional “Highway Don’t Care.” There was never a doubt that McGraw has staying power, and this album just amplifies that reputation.

Grade: A-


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