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Outasight to bring variety of genres, celebrate birthday in Columbus

Courtesy of Ray Lego

Singer and hip-hop artist Outasight is coming to Columbus for a show, but he plans on doing some extra celebrating while he’s here.

“The show is right after my birthday, I’ll have a little birthday celebration,” he said. “It’s gonna be a really good time.”

The Yonkers, N.Y., native, whose real name is Richard Andrew, is scheduled to perform with The Ready Set Monday at A&R Music Bar. Doors open at 7 p.m. 

Andrew said he knew early on he wanted to become a rapper, but he needed a name, one that suited his personality.

“My first rap name was Outsight,” Andrew said. “I was always in class, instead of taking notes, I was doodling, kind of just became Outasight.”

Andrew eventually moved to New York City, and although he described the fast-paced life there as challenging, he said he eventually felt more confident in his decision to move after finding a community of artists with similar aspirations. He then felt as though he could make it big in the hip-hop industry. 

“If you’re coming up in the hip-hop side of things, you’ll meet the same side of peers,” he said. “It became way smaller than you think.”

The Internet and social media were key to getting exposure, Andrew said.

“It’s definitely a challenge, I kept plugging away,” he said. “The Internet definitely helped, those medias can help to push it forward.”

Outasight’s debut album “Nights Like These” dropped Nov. 27.

Andrew describes his new album as a combination of similar genres.

“The album itself has rap, hip-hop (and) soul for sure,” he said. 

His influence comes from a variety of genres, he said, and incorporates many nuances into his music. 

“I love punk rock, electronic music, soul, hip-hop,” he said. “It has all inspired me – the music I’m playing is going across genres.” 

The lead single from “Nights Like These” is called “Tonight is the Night.”

Vanavia Weatherly, a third-year in English and strategic communication and president of OSU’s Freestyle Rap and BeatBox Club, said she’s heard of the single, but not of Andrew.

“I’ve heard the song … but not the artist,” she said. “I like it. It’s a much-needed crowd pleaser. It gets the crowd going. I would only listen to him if I was drinking … I prefer to listen to underground rap in Columbus.”

A&R Music Bar serves as a good starting point for the rapper, said Marissa Luther, marketing manager for PromoWest Live.

“(The turnout will) be a decent size for the venue and the crowd will be younger obviously,” she said.

Andrew said to expect a lot of fun at his show. 

“I’ll be with my band, we’re gonna play loud and fast, expect a lot of energy,” he said. “We’ll get the party going and get people moving.”

Andrew has played in Columbus before with the band 3OH!3 and said he remembered how high energy the audience was.

“It was a great show – awesome time, great crowd,” he said. “It was great energy and I am definitely excited to come back.”

He said he loves performing in Columbus.

“I love the energy, being a college town,” he said. “It has its own distinct vibe.”

Tickets are available for $15. 

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