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Women’s fashion: Ace an interview first impression with bright colors, patterns, tights

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Interview season is fast-approaching and that means fresh-pressed pants, jackets and skirts. But the interview outfit doesn’t have to be all that boring. It’s better to stand out and make an impression than to wear a standard black suit and fall into the crowd. Here’s how to ace your interview before you even open your mouth.

Be bright: This season is all about bright, bold colors that pop. Hot pink, lime green and fluorescent yellow are taking over the runways and dominating the racks at the mall. Opt for a colored silk blouse with black pants and a black blazer for a pop of color that looks purposeful and playful. It keeps your look happy and different, making you the center of attention the minute you walk into a room.

Pick patterns: Stripes, polka dots and florals give outfits a new flair that might make employers look twice. Look for a floral-patterned skirt to break up the solid colors that interviewees tend to wear. A print will give you something to focus on instead of trying to assess an entire outfit at once. Make sure to pair something patterned with a solid white or black shirt. Choose neutral accessories to keep one focal point.

Keep a neutral lip: If you’re worried about doing too much talking or saying the wrong thing, avoid drawing too much attention to your mouth. Opt for makeup that plays up your eyes or cheekbones. A bold lip will force employers to concentrate on your mouth and any slip-ups you might have. If you know you usually stumble over words, make some note cards beforehand, too. It will help you keep your talking points clear.

Pick one piece: When it comes to jewelry, choose one statement piece to wear in the interview. One piece of well-made jewelry speaks volumes more than something that you just picked up at the local mall. I recommend avoiding cocktail rings since you’re probably going to be shaking plenty of hands and you don’t want it to get in the way.

Tighten up: If you’re opting for a dress or skirt and are concerned about the colder weather, step into some colored tights to keep your worries at bay. You can even wear tights with a pair of peep-toe pumps for a great transitional season look. Tights also up your level of conservatism, which is something employers will value.

However you choose to dress for an interview, make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing and feel like yourself. If you wouldn’t normally wear bright colors, don’t choose to do it in an interview. It will be obvious that you don’t feel like yourself. Now is the time when first impressions really count and there’s no better way to make a great first impression than through fashion.

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