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Women’s fashion: Follow New York Fashion Week with social media, style

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It’s the best time of year for fashionistas everywhere – New York Fashion Week has arrived. The gorgeous display of designs from some of my personal favorites like Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Fürstenberg and Tory Burch are sure to spice up the runways. I’m also looking forward to newcomers like style icon Rachel Zoe. To keep yourself in the loop this week and put your best shoe forward, here’s what you’ll need.
“Women’s Wear Daily:” Whether you choose to get the print version or read it online, “WWD” is your source for all things Fashion Week. Read about upcoming designers, what’s hot and what’s not and which trends you need to be sure to get a jump start on. Keep in mind that as the Bible of the fashion world, “WWD” can be a bit avant-garde, making it hard to translate looks from runway to ready-to-wear. Take a look at what specific aspects of the clothing are important and try to translate that to everyday life.
Twitter: Whether you’re a tweetaholic or you just like to follow celebrities, Twitter will be key for live updates from the runways and getting a vibe for how the shows are going. Be sure to follow specific designers like Burch, Zoe and DKNY as well as key publications like “Vogue,” “WWD” and “Harper’s Bazaar.” Bryanboy is a key blogger to keep an eye on for trend-spotting and perfect Instagram photos.
A killer outfit: In honor of Fashion Week, don’t be afraid to sport your trendiest outfits around campus. Choose a great pair of shoes or a bold necklace that makes a statement. Seeing all the new trends is sure to make you want to try something new and take some risks, so brave feisty Mother Nature in the name of fashion and raid your closet for something that’s fierce and flawless.
iPhone charger: Fashion doesn’t wait and chances are that between live-tweeting and keeping up with the hourly news, your phone battery will take a pretty big hit. Keep a charger in your bag just in case you find some free time to stop by Starbucks to recharge with a latte and give your phone and fingers some time to rest.
Keeping up with the trends and staying in the loop is easier than ever before. Take advantage of your Twitter and Instagram accounts to be on the lookout for clothing that’s more than Pinterest-worthy. The key is knowing who to follow and what advice to abide by. It’s hard to go wrong with any New York fashion editor or well-known blogger. You’ll know who’s worth watching the minute you check your phone in the morning. So enjoy this celebration of fashion and fabulosity, because it only comes around twice a year for spring and fall lines.
New York Fashion Week runs Wednesday through Feb. 14.

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