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Letter to the editor: One-and-done rule not enough time for athletes to mature

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Letter to the editor:

A big issue in college basketball these days is the one-and-done rule. This rule prohibits a player from entering the NBA straight out of high school and says players must complete one year of college before making the jump to the big league. Some say this rule needs to go away altogether, but I believe the rule needs to be revamped.
The majority of kids coming out of high school are still immature and undisciplined for what lies ahead in life. One year of college is a good start for getting a player the coaching and discipline he needs, but it’s not nearly enough time to mature to become the type of person they want to be. It’s not adequate time to live on your own and learn to handle difficult situations in life.
I think a player going straight to the NBA out of high school or even spending one year in college and then playing with the pros doesn’t get the kind of life lessons and experiences the player would in more than one year of college. Those types of lessons can only be taught through living on your own and making choices for yourself.
I think the new rule should be a minimum of two years of college before being eligible for the NBA draft. I believe with at least two years of college, a player is able to mature and be more disciplined in life and will be better prepared for playing in the NBA.

Michael Arleth
Third-year in sports industry

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