Ohio State will be filled with costumed capers venturing for parties and treats Thursday.

OSU students across campus will be celebrating Halloween by dressing up in costumes from and relating to different pop culture icons.

Krista McComb, a second-year in journalism, said her boyfriend and her plan to dress up as Flo, the Progressive Insurance mascot, and Mayhem, a mascot from the Allstate Insurance commercials, respectively.

“I found the idea (for the costumes) while looking at Pinterest,” McComb said. “They looked fun and cute and were easy to make.”

McComb said they plan to wear their costumes to a party her boyfriend is hosting.

While some students will try to get you to switch and save money on your car insurance, others will be bringing back the classics.

Olivia Randolph, a second-year in Spanish, said she will be dressed as the character Alex DeLarge from the 1971 film “A Clockwork Orange,” complete with the bowler hat, white button down shirt and fake eyelashes the character wears in the film.

“I like the film because I always thought it was interesting how it shows a whole new take on crime,” Randolph said of her costume decision. “Anyone who knows who the character is or knows what movie he is from will be cool with me.”

Randolph said she did not have any specific plans for Halloween yet.

Some students are keeping it simple by dressing up as figures in pop culture, and decided to use clothes from their closets as the basis for their costumes.

Anthony Crespo, a fifth-year in communication, said he is planning on dressing up as a hillbilly for his friend’s Halloween party. He said his costume decision was because it was cheap to make.

“All I had to do was rip up some jeans and I had a costume,” Crespo said with a laugh.

Opting out of the festivities, some students are not dressing up at all.

David Thomas, a second-year in marketing, said he will not be dressing up for Halloween.

“I honestly forgot it was Halloween weekend,” Thomas said. “I won’t be in that statistic of (OSU students) dressing up.”

Thomas said instead of celebrating Halloween on campus, he will be visiting and hanging out with friends who are on fall break, which he has been planning for more than a month.

Columbus’ Trick-or-Treat night is slated to be from 6 -8 p.m. Thursday, according to The Columbus Dispatch.