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Album review: The Fray’s newest album ‘Helios’ is bubbly, full of life

The FrayThe Fray’s newest album “Helios” is bubbly and, well, simply put, full of life. There’s something a little bit different about this album. Unlike its previous albums “How to Save a Life,” “The Fray,” and “Scars and Stories,” the band is less reliant in using piano for their music. Although I was surprised to not hear chords of the instrument playing in the first few verses, it was nice to hear that The Fray is able to retain its strong vocals.

In the album’s most popular song and lead single, “Love Don’t Die,” the sounds of guitar, drums and smooth vocals were evident. The verses in the piece are easily relatable and can resonate with anyone who has experienced love.

Another song I thoroughly enjoyed was “Hurricane” — the song is spunky. It is also a good mixture of rock-pop and easy listening. “Hurricane” is all about meeting that special girl that, as the cliché line goes, changes your life. The song reminds me of the power that another person can really have over you, when you find that special someone because like magnets, you’re suddenly drawn to that person and you don’t know why.

“Hold My Hand” is another song to which everyone can relate. It’s about not wanting to be alone. The simple act of not wanting to go through life’s hardships alone is symbolized in its repeated verses of, “Help me stand, even if the sky is falling/And I want you to know, I can’t do it alone/Hold my hand/Hold my hand.” This song also has a little bit of piano in the beginning of the music, so it’s a nice reminder of the band’s previous work.

“Keep On Wanting” is one of the most inspirational songs I’ve heard from The Fray so far. The song advises listeners to keep an open heart and to keep on going after your desires even if you have been broken before. As the song implies, it’s best to keep on wanting because you will never know what’s going to happen later in life. I agree that it is always better just to try. Who knows? You may find true love after all. The band has a lovely take on life of, “just don’t be afraid to feel it all.”

“Give it Away” is a song that almost takes me back to a past where disco music was still alive. The song is upbeat in the beginning. It has an even beat and rhythm to it that is easy to nod your head to. However, it’s not my favorite song, but it’s still pretty interesting. The lyrics are perfect, though. The song is all about letting yourself go and learning how to let that fire out of your soul. In other words, do not be afraid to be yourself and be carefree, even if that means being a little different. As the lyrics say, “Go on and light it up/And let me see you do your thing” and then later on, “Baby just do your thing.”

Grade: A+