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Parking to no longer be free at Ohio State’s Buckeye Village

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Having a car in Buckeye Village might soon cost some residents more than a month of rent, and some Ohio State students and residents of the complex are considering moving because of it.

Residents received an email Monday that said parking policies are set to change in the 2014-15 academic year.

Buckeye Village residents currently have free parking for residents with one or two vehicles offered as part of their rental rates, according to the University Housing website. The email, however, stated “parking no longer will be included as part of the Buckeye Village housing contract” beginning Aug. 1.

Buckeye Village is located across the Olentangy River on Defiance Drive near Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium and features family housing apartments through the university, intended for Ohio State students with spouses or children.

Students are able to chose between a pass that includes parking “directly around Buckeye Village as well as any C location on campus and overnight parking in Lane and West Lane garages” for about $620 each year or a pass that offers daily and overnight parking on West Campus for $402 yearly. The prices “will increase no more than 5.5 percent for next year,” according to the email.

Some students, though, have spoken out against the policy changes.

“I wouldn’t say that anyone was really surprised with the email, disappointed yes, but not really surprised,” Andrew Skabelund, a Ph.D. student in African history, said in an email. “Extracting money from single moms and foreign students who are limited in the hours they can work during the week is not something I will stand for.”

In Spring Semester 2013, a similar decision was announced and residents were initially told they would have to pay more than $600 for a parking pass. After some residents signed a petition protesting the changes, however, the university announced that parking would remain free for the following year.

“I’m not surprised, I almost expected to receive such (an) email. (Petitioning for and getting free parking) last year didn’t really conclude anything,” Shuai Dong, a third-year graduate student in pharmacy who currently uses a B pass, said in an email. A B pass allows parking on central campus surface lots.

Skabelund said a petition was started again this year protesting the costs.

“After organizing last spring, we were assured that we wouldn’t have to pay the parking fee CampusParc was asking, and we assumed that CampusParc had listened to our concerns,” he said. “It wasn’t that we were unwilling to pay, it’s just that they were trying to force parking on us that we didn’t really need.”

Skabelund said he and his wife have a car but he has never used it to park on campus other than at Buckeye Village.

CampusParc took over daily operations of OSU’s parking in September 2012 as part of a 50-year, $483 million contract between OSU and QIC Global Infrastructure. David Hoover, communications director for CampusParc, however, said the decision to charge for parking at Buckeye Village was a university decision and was not made by CampusParc.

Hoover referred The Lantern to Student Life for comment.

“While CampusParc operates the university’s parking system — including parking at Buckeye Village — the university continues to set policy related to campus parking, including permit classifications,” Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said in an email.

Isaacs also said the university made the decision “in order to be consistent in its approach to parking for students who live in university housing, regardless of location.”

The email Buckeye Village residents received said monthly housing rates will not be raised for the following academic year. Current rent at Buckeye Village is $545 per month for a one-room apartment and $685 per month for a two-bedroom apartment, according to the University Housing website.

Isaacs said there is more time this year for residents to make a decision about living for next year, as they were given more notice of the new cost of parking passes.

“Last year, because the contract renewal timeline was compressed, the university chose to fund parking at Buckeye Village,” Isaacs said. “This year we are giving residents significantly more time to prepare for this change and make housing decisions for next year.”

The email students received said the deadline for signed contracts is March 28. It also said Buckeye Village will continue its bus service to and from campus, which Student Life funds at a cost of about $125,000 annually.

Skabelund said he and his wife have discussed the possibility of moving after hearing the announcement of parking increases.

“You can find much nicer apartments at comparable prices in the area,” he said.

Dong also said she would consider moving.

“As for myself as a resident, I don’t feel confident enough living in BV without having to budget out parking fee in the future. So I will definitely look for new places that’s more cost-effective,” she said.


  1. How about a big cheer for “Privatization”?

  2. yeah this is just the first “surprise gift” from the stunning decision to award a 50 year contract to some parking company. Really, you get to rent an apartment but if you want to park, pay up? I predict Buckeye Village will become a ghost town as everyone who owns a car gets a real apartment with offstreet parking or parking on the street or something.

  3. This is absolutely ludicrous! How do they expect students with or without families to afford this. Parking should come with the apartment….not an extra expense!

  4. Blame the guy who had a bow tie allowance as part of his compensation package.

  5. “Isaacs also said the university made the decision “in order to be consistent in its approach to parking for students who live in university housing, regardless of location.”

    If the University was making choices based on “being consistent” it would NOT charge parking fees at Buckeye Village. Fees for parking haven’t been charged at Buckeye Village for decades. That’s consistent.

    This change is not about being “consistent.” The University needs to stop lying and tell the real truth about why they did this.

    …to funnel money from single mothers and married students to Campus Parc.

  6. @JMichaelG

    did you completely miss the part of the article that said this was osu’s decision, not the parking company’s?

    quit complaining. most people who have off-campus apartments have to pay for parking not only at their home but on campus if they want to as well..

  7. why would the university initiate this change if the profits go to a private company?

  8. This is the university’s fault though, not campusparc. bcdefg is right. They’re the ones in charge of the housing contracts and they’re the ones who decide what terms are on them…

  9. The university no longer owns any parking at the university anymore therefore cannot make decisions when it comes to who pays to park and how much the pricing is. This is thanks to the contract made last year to sell off the parking.

  10. The sad part about this IS that it was a university decision, and now nobody seems to care about our concerns (the students paying to be here). I’m not opposed to paying for parking at my house especially if it’s going to be “consistent” with what other students on campus must do. But if parking was included previously in our rent, then maybe our rent should go down to offset the cost of now having to pay a hefty price to park outside my door, which will be the only place on campus I will park. University Housing needs to quit acting like they’re doing us a favor.

  11. Let the market decide. It is all about supply and demand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them charging for parking spaces since it is under their management and they need profit. My landlord also charges for parking outside our off-campus apartment. Yes, it is another burden but OSU has no responsibility to take care of your every single need. University is business and business focuses only profit.

  12. In response to “good for them.”

    This decision is clearly not based on supply and demand. If supply and demand were dictating the price of parking, BV resident parking would be similar to the parking across the street from Buckeye Village. Those who park in the BV lot pay around $140. CampusParc wants to charge BV residents over $600 for their parking. This is clearly not the market rate for parking.

    The way CampusParc is justifying the $600+ charge is by forcing C pass with garage access onto the students.

    Most BV residents are willing to pay, but they want the parking price to reflect the actual value of the parking, not a price being forced upon them. Would you like it if your landlord said, “Yes, you can park at the apartment complex, but you have to pay for parking at this apartment complex and for parking at my other complexes.” I don’t think you would be too happy about that.

  13. Paying for something you won’t use is silly. Paying SO MUCH for something you won’t use is even sillier. This entire policy is bogus, how can university parking stipulations get away with shifting their attention now to students’ residences?

    These requirements just don’t make sense. Buckeye Village is not necessarily a dormitory, it is not a space for first and second year students. BV is home to many foreign students and families looking for lowcost living somewhere close enough to campus to opt to take a bus or bike in. This fee is a punishment for students who could use that money for another month’s rent. $600+ is nothing to be taken lightly.

    Furthermore, this policy isn’t even environmentally sound – how is the university promoting the use of buses and bikes, if they’re pushing these expensive parking options down people’s throats…?


  14. My wife and I live in Dayton, she is Active Duty Military and I live on campus during the week to attend class and try to go home and see her on the weekends. This parking decision leaves me no choice but to leave Ohio State and complete my degree elsewhere. The convenience of being able to park at Buckeye Village, which is the only place I parked, was vital to living on campus. The bus service made it easy for me to get to class, etc. The school has made it impossible now to continue to be a student. I reliy on a private loan for housing and tutition, and wanted all my funds to go to support the school and not have to seek out some private landlord and maintain two private residences in Ohio while trying to go to school, that made no fiscal sense to us. I suspect since there are plans in place to tear down Buckeye Village soon and make this area Athletic that this parking change is just a way to give us all reason to move. Well, in my case, they will get their wish. Thanks Ohio State, I had a year left before graduation, you imposed a ridicuous Minor requirement on my degree and now this whole parking fee nonsense. You can keep your degree. Thanks!

  15. I totally agree that BV residents should pay to park, but BV isn’t “Central Campus” and it’s disgusting to price the permits as if it is. And that’s not even considering the pass is priced higher to include overnight parking a 15 minute walk away from the apartments. No one wants to park so far away when there are spaces right outside the apartments.

  16. This all goes back to the parking deal. OSU didn’t have a choice. They had to charge those who live in BV or pay it out of their own pocket to Campus Parc. OSU should have been more careful in the deal. Too many costs are adding up and slowly scraping away from the large pot of money they got for selling off OSU. A quick buck meant more that being able to control parking and everything that goes along with it. And who does it hurt? The students. Faculty. Staff. The future of OSU.

  17. This is highly irregular for such a steep increase to be levied in one fell swoop. Most apartment operators will only issue increases that they feel the tenant will tolerate. It will be interesting to see how the current tenants react.

  18. I graduated from OSU in 2005. I lived near campus my first year, but after that I moved to apartments near or outside of the outerbelt. For me, the exorbitant costs of living on campus simply wasn’t worth it. You can get larger apartments with free parking in the suburbs for the same rent (or cheaper), or better yet, there are a lot of homes that have been bought by investors available for rent if you don’t need to be part of the campus scene.

  19. move away from campus. Third is more supply of housing near suburbs.

  20. This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Back when this privatization was being discussed, I stated that Greedy Gee would push it through against the wishes of all the university students, faculty, and staff. Once he got his cut of the profits, he would hi-tail it out of Columbus. And look at what he’s done!

    Anyone who understands privatization knows it doesn’t work, and is just a Conservative fallacy to employ the buzz words “free market” and “taxpayer savings.” A for-profit private sector company simply cannot provide the same service levels at the same price as a nonprofit public sector company. If this were the case, all police and fire departments would be privatized, and charter schools would be outperforming public schools hands down.

    The $483 million from the lease? That was gone before you could even say “Les Wexner.” $350 million for the North Dorms renovation, $20 million to beautify the Olentangy River, another chunk of change for the issues with the South Oval geothermal wells. The money is long gone, regardless of what they tell you. Besides, OSU is far from being hard up for money. A con man like Greedy Gee was able to put on a dog and pony show like none other to make people believe the university would cease to function without selling the parking system.

    Buckeye Village is slated to be demolished soon anyway, to make room for Covelli Arena, which is replacing historic St. John Arena. This is likely a plot to start getting people to leave.

    Not only is Buckeye Village feeling the crunch, the Lantern ran an article just a few weeks ago about the East Residential buses being overcrowded and no place to park East of High. Why? People don’t want to pay CampusParc for poor service and outrageous prices. And this is only the beginning. OSUs 50 year plan includes privatizing any service not deemed essential to the education of students. Soon your garbage trucks, dining halls, campus buses, will all be run by private enterprises, each charging you additional money for their services. And you will have no choice but to pay.

    Privatization works great for those in power, because the rich reap in even more money, at the expense of those who can’t get ahead.

    The parking privatization, along with the smoking ban, sophomore dorm requirement, health food vending machines, and possible removal of soda from campus vending machines and dining halls all show the true colors of “public education.” This university is becoming a “Big Brother” type of thought factory. I am a college dropout because i refuse to be educated by a broken system. I want to learn and grow at my own pace, not the pace and standards by which I am told.

    Just goes to show the true value of college education is absolutely nothing. You simply learn that the rich and powerful will do as they please to screw over anyone in their way.

    We will see what Drake does. He would be wise to give CampusParc back their money and tell them where to stick it… but he’s likely another elitist… especially with Gee’s gushing opinions of him.

  21. Let’s see how good a value this “deal” with CampusParKKK is… As long as Sarah Bloush has a job, it isn’t that good… New prez will be smart to break the deal and fie the biatch!!!

  22. Residents in Buckeye Village do not want to park on campus. They just want to park outside their apartment. If Campusparc are going to charge for this (or OSU?) then just charge for this. The option to have a C pass that allows residents to park on central campus is simple not necessary and extortionate. Why park on campus when we have a CABS bus right outside our door? It’s disgusting.

  23. This is an illegal decision and students can fight it legally based on two merits : 1. This decision is against children’s rights and the rights of disabled and ill family members, who due to their vulnerability and being fragile would be put in great hardship and inconvenience during bad weather or when they need to be taken to medical facilities for immediate care by not being able to pay for the parking
    2. Contact ohio Association of Realtors and research the housing laws and you will find out that nowhere in the USA , the apartment landlords charge for parking spaces, specially since the parking spaces have been already there.
    Finally, the new appointed OSU president should show good faith, and in action show what he stands for.

  24. privatization works

    To Anon, from the school’s perspective privatization works pretty good. They have less liability to worry about; the equipment all get upgraded; the pay-before-you-leave system drastically cut down the line right before the exist of garages; permit by plate is much more efficient than the old hangtag system. Like the other comment here, university is about business and business cares for profit.

  25. privatization works

    To Mary,
    Are you serious? Tons of landlord charge monthly fee for off-campus apartment parking spots.

  26. privatization works

    “A for-profit private sector company simply cannot provide the same service levels at the same price as a nonprofit public sector company”
    Of course. The university has the land. People want to park there. Hence, why not make a profit on the land the university has now?

  27. re “privatization works”

    I think it is a bit premature to say whether or not privatization will be a success for the university. The aspects you mention hold some truth, but the University also has a public image to uphold in a way that corporations don’t have to worry about.

    The other challenge here is the perverse incentives that will now be driving CampusParc’s actions, which will be to do the least amount of work for the most amount of money. (We have clearly seen this in the overselling of passes that greatly exceed their capacity. Or the terrible snow plow jobs done this past winter.) I have also heard stories of CampusParc wanting construction done but not really wanting to pay for what it will take. Given the CampusParc monopoly, we can likely expect to see quality of service deteriorate. It’s in their interest, and the university already sold away much of its leverage.

    Interestingly, there is probably enough disruptive technology out there that CampusParc’s investment might not seem so wise ten years from now. Though that can hardly make up for the wake of devastation for the more vulnerable sections of the OSU community, if you can really call it a community anymore.

  28. BuckeyeVillageResident

    Looks like a lot of us are going to be moving from a safe, quiet neighborhood into areas that may not be child-friendly. Buckeye Village will become deserted–regular adults with families won’t be able to afford the parking, adults with more than adequate income won’t want to pay so much for so little floor space and so few amenities, and kids with rich mommies and daddies who foot the bill don’t have kids or spouses and won’t qualify to live there. Good job on clearing out so many students at once, OSU. Good job.

  29. The fact of the matter is that this community consists of married couples and families. People gave up their lives in other states and countries and made a calculated decision to uproot their families to come to OSU. For families this means children leaving their friends and schools, for international students it means a spouse coming and not being able to work due to visa restrictions. We also have lots of single Moms here. GAs and international students cannot work to earn additional income. We made calculated decisions to come here based on estimated budgets. Budgets that did not include 654 dollars per annum on parking. We are a vulnerable community living mostly under the federal poverty line and it is morally wrong to make a profit from this community. The community has repeatedly said that we are prepared to pay a reasonable fee for parking – despite the fact it hurts no one expects things to be handed to us on a plate. We just want some fairness and to be listened to.

  30. And you wonder why I consistently rip Gordon Gee? Yes CampusParc is his mess

  31. i guess this has more to do with sociopathic us presidents than parking,

    Ask the right wing candidate if he is a Reagan Republican. It’s sort of amazing that this reactionary idiot has become a symbol of right wing greatness. Almost everyone is too young to recall, though Reagan was involved in high-profile conflicts with the protest movements of the late 60s era. On May 15, 1969, during the People’s Park protests at UC Berkeley, Reagan sent the California Highway Patrol and other officers to quell the protests, in an incident that became known as “Bloody Thursday”, resulting in the death of student James Rector and the blinding of carpenter Alan Blanchard. Reagan then called out 2,200 state National Guard troops to occupy the city of Berkeley for two weeks to crack down on the protesters. A year after “Bloody Thursday”, Reagan responded to questions about campus protest movements saying, “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement.” Apart from the willingness of both Bushes to send middle class Americans to die for the oil interests, no other president in our lifetime has exhibited such callous disregard for the lives of American citizens.

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