There are so many words to describe the preconceived notions people have about Greek life. The news never shows you our philanthropy events, our bonding of sisterhoods and brotherhoods or us volunteering our time to help others. What they do show is the few times that hazing occurs, or the occasional member that drinks too much and ends up in the hospital. Since this is all the public sees, Greek life gets a bad reputation.

Going into sorority recruitment as a sophomore, I had already been in college for a whole year and able to build an opinion of Greek life. Being a transfer student, I knew I needed to join something in order to get involved at my new school, and joining a sorority was always a priority for me in college.

I had an opinion, and it wasn’t necessarily a bad one, just a wrong one.

To me, sororities were all about having fun, going out five nights a week and hanging out with the most popular fraternity on campus. I didn’t look down on those as a bad thing, but I had the notion that sororities were strictly a social club.

Now that I am an active sorority member, I see that it is so much more.

One of the many benefits of being in a sorority is the house. Even if you don’t live in the house, it’s yours to use in many different ways.

The whole chapter goes to meetings at the house every Monday, which is a great way to see everyone and catch up after the weekend.

Food is provided for every meal by our amazing chef, and even members who don’t live in are able to eat a few meals a week there.

It’s also a great study spot, especially during midterms and finals week. You don’t have to worry about finding a spot at the crowded library because you can go anywhere in the house to find a quiet spot or friends to study with.

And, sure, there are plenty of themed parties, football tailgates and date parties, but there are also so many opportunities that these organizations have to offer.

Our philanthropy is Service for Sight. Each year, each member spends at least ten hours at the Ohio State School for the Blind, acting as aids for the students or helping out around the classroom. Being at OSSB is such a humbling experience, and something that I would have never gotten to be a part of without Delta Gamma.

There are also opportunities for scholarships and networking opportunities for internships and careers. Certain events are held throughout the school year specifically for Greek life members to network with employers. Also, the Greek community is very dedicated to upholding a certain GPA. Good grades are not an afterthought to the Greek community; they are a requirement.

You can get volunteer opportunities, career opportunities and academic help through many different student organizations, but no bond is deeper than that between sisters. So often the cliché “not four years but for life” gets tossed around the Greek community. It may be cliché but it is absolutely true.

I know that the friends I have made in just the short two years I have been in Delta Gamma will be the friends I have for life. They are my support system, my cheerleaders and the sisters I never had.