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Letter to the Editor: Turning Point chapter demands to be understood

The Lantern recently published a misleading and inaccurate letter to the editor regarding Turning Point USA’s Ohio State chapter, and we’d like to set the record straight regarding our presence on campus. That letter, from Brad McKinnis and Val Nikaidoh, co-presidents of the Young Democratic Socialists at OSU, misrepresents TPUSA’s members and goals of our organization, and we believe that Buckeye students should be able to know the facts of the situation.

During OSU’s Undergraduate Student Government elections, our current leadership was unaware of our national organization’s involvement. We strongly support free and fair elections at OSU, and encourage all students, regardless of partisan affiliation or nonaffiliation, to get involved in the political process at OSU.

The shirt McKinnis and Nikaidoh describe is satire, and not intended to disparage any class of people. Turning Point USA does not endorse the shirt, or homophobia of any kind, as it is made by the radio show “Louder with Crowder,” and neither does it take stances on social issues. We support free markets, limited government and the U.S. Constitution. Many in our chapter support LGBTQ+ rights, but also believe in every American’s First Amendment rights of free speech and expression. To those who believe that the shirt is homophobic, we suggest that they brush up on the history of Che Guevara, a mass murderer, and the horrors of socialism before attempting to publicly shame those whose intent is only satirical in nature.

McKinnis and Nikaidoh mention Turning Point USA’s Professor Watchlist as grounds for our removal from campus. This list, which contains hundreds of professors who have belittled, intimidated and attacked students at campuses across the nation for their conservative beliefs, is designed as a resource for college students, who deserve to know which professors have a history of attacking students over their political ideology. Students of all political stripes, most of all our democratic socialist friends, should recognize that professors attacking students over political differences is something that we all should seek to keep out of our classrooms. The watchlist by no means targets professors based on race or religion, but rather by proven discriminatory actions. McKinnis and Nikaidoh suggest the Professor Watchlist is used to “intimidate, harass and even physically injure professors across the nation,” however, this seems unlikely, as more than 1,200 professors have actually requested to be added to the list. This list is meant only as an informative tool for students, and we strongly condemn violence against any person on account of their political beliefs.

Our organization stands for limited government, capitalism and free speech. Our members have many different opinions and ideas, and we welcome anyone to join us at our meetings to share their ideas with us and debate us. We invite Brad McKinnis, Val Nikaidoh, the rest of the Democratic Socialists at Ohio State, and anyone else interested in Turning Point to join us at our next meeting to join in rational and civil discussions. We support the free exchange of ideas, rather than the censorship and removal of those who disagree with us from campus, as McKinnis and Nikaidoh believe.

We will be hosting a safe space this Thursday on the Oval for anyone who feels that they need protection from the legitimate political discussion that Turning Point seeks to create.


Natalie Pavlick
President of Turning Point USA at OSU
Second-year in animal science

Kalyn Swihart
Vice President of Turning Point USA at OSU
Second-year in agricultural communications

Alexander Williams
Treasurer of Turning Point USA at OSU
First-year in economics


  1. FORMER TPUSA Member

    I love how they claim to not have knowledge of TPUSA’s involvement but just happened to join the campaign that was being helped by TPUSA. I call BS on this letter.

  2. Are you all serious? Look, people were paying attention to the t-shirt scandal, and it doesn’t matter how you all try to paint it. The shirt said “Socialism is for F*gs. We know what this shirt meant, and it’s homophobic. You all chose to spend time around this person while they were wearing the shirt (and were okay with being photographed with someone wearing it), and I think it says a lot about the organization. If you all care about LGBTQ+ rights, you had better call out your own instead of repeatedly give us poor excuses. Stop bending over backwards to defend this stuff. You are not fooling anyone. Apologize, and do better.

    • Dear Editor:
      While many of us are hopefully awaiting the inevitable impeachment of this president, Donald Trump continues to demonstrate his incompetence to occupy his office. Now, for example, he is moving forward with his intention to remove all LGBTs from the military and to ban any further recruiting of LGBTs. Thus, instead of promoting greater participation in our democratic process – one of his jobs – he’s doing the opposite. Instead of uniting all Americans – one of his jobs – he’s doing just the opposite. At present DT and his generals are working out a plan for implementing this anti-LGBT action. If they are smart, however, The Donald and his generals will also be working out a plan for defending in court this anti-LGBT action, since it clearly constitutes a ‘hate crime’. LGBT men and women have already for many years been serving honorably, patriotically and competently – ‘in the closet’ before President Obama , and ‘openly’ since President Obama (2010). There exists no legitimate reason to now again deny LGBTs the same right – to serve their country – that all other qualified American citizens enjoy. Obviously, there is a reason for DT’s anti-LGBT action- namely, HATE – hatred of President Obama and hatred of the LGBT community. It’s unlikely, however, that the Supreme Court will abide by this attempt to exclude LGBT people from the military – or, from any other public office – like, for example, Eric Fanning, openly gay, who was appointed by President Obama as the 22nd Secretary of the Army in 2015 and confirmed by the U.S. Senate by a unanimous voice vote. DT’s efforts to discriminate against LGBTs will neither succeed, nor make America great again! Rolland Amos, Severn MD

  3. “We will be hosting a safe space this Thursday on the Oval for anyone who feels that they need protection from the legitimate political discussion that Turning Point seeks to create.”

    These kids are moronically condescending to the entire campus. Then you speak so highly of free speech yet break down when criticized. What a joke.

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