The Buckeyes and Cowboys just settled a dispute far away from any athletic playing fields.

Ohio State and Oklahoma State reached an agreement regarding the use of the “OSU” trademark that both schools use freely.

The two universities first butted heads after Ohio State filed for a trademark on “OSU’ with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office back in February, but Oklahoma State objected, noting that they had rights to “OSU” as well.

Before the schools took the dispute to court, the two universities were able to reach a settlement that allows both schools to use “OSU.”

The agreement states that Ohio State and Oklahoma State “desire to assure the continued peaceful co-existence of the promotion, sale, and rendering of the respective OSU educational services, athletic programs, and associated apparel.

“The parties believe that there is no likelihood of confusion, mistake, or deception between the continued use and registration of Ohio State OSU Marks and Oklahoma State OSU Marks.”