Despite being a relatively young group in Columbus, local alternative rock band, Victory Lapse, have already released their self-titled debut EP, and plan to release a second one while playing around Columbus in early 2018. Credit: Courtesy of Victory Lapse

Brandyn Morit and David Stone have been all over the musical map together. Play as an acoustic demo? Been there. As a rock band heavy on guitar? Been there, too.

Morit and Stone crossed another destination off the list last fall when they started a brand new band, Victory Lapse, whose debut self-titled EP was released in October.

“Victory Lapse” includes four tracks written by Stone, the keyboardist, vocalist and principal songwriter of the band. Morit said Stone wrote some sketches of the tracks that would become their debut album as he was taking a break from playing music with his other projects.

“It felt like new songs, [the ones that] Dave had,” said Morit, Victory Lapse’s drummer. “We didn’t really want to bring back any of the old bands’ names or anything, just start fresh. Rather than continuing one of the old bands, we wanted to start anew.”

At the time Morit and Stone were starting up the band, they were listening to bands like DIIV, a groovy, bass-heavy rock band from Brooklyn, and Beach Fossils, another Brooklyn group that blends elements of electronic instruments into its rock.

Stone said the nuanced sound of electronic dance music infused with guitar through the use of distortion and synthesizers sets Victory Lapse’s music apart from his and Morit’s previous projects.

To record their debut album, Stone and Morit recruited their friend, Geoff Spall, to play bass, and enlisted producer Jon Fintel at Columbus’ Relay Recordings to help record their first album.

“We went to the studio with a couple of songs right off the bat, [and] we had recruited Geoff at that point,” Morit said. “We pretty much had everything ready to go and then went back in after we got Jeff and he just did his thing, which was awesome.”

Morit said the reason why Victory Lapse chose to go the more traditional route with recording its EP was because, being a new band, going to a studio was the best way to make sure everything sounded solid from a production standpoint.

“I mean, we could have put out a product ourselves but it wouldn’t really sound that great, and I’m kind of a stickler for production,” Morit said. “If we’re going to put something out, I want it to sound good.”