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Bill introduced to eliminate time limits on prosecuting sex crimes

Joe Schiavoni sits down with the Lantern for an interview about his candidacy for governor on Wednesday March 21. Credit: Ashley Nelson | Station Manager

State Sen. Joe Schiavoni (D) — standing beside Gloria Allred and Mike DiSabato — announced a new bill at the Ohio Statehouse today that would eliminate time limits on when sex-crime offenders could be prosecuted or sued for damages.

Allred, a well-known victims’ rights attorney who has represented accusers of Bill Cosby and President Donald Trump, appeared in Ohio on Wednesday because she had been contacted by men abused by former Ohio State doctor Richard Strauss. Standing next to Allred was DiSabato, who is one of Strauss’ alleged victims and one of the speakers at Ohio State’s Board of Trustees meeting this month.

The statute of limitations on sex crimes in Ohio currently stands at 25 years for criminal prosecution and two years for civil cases. Schiavoni said it should not be that way, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

“There is no statute of limitations on murder and there shouldn’t be a statute of limitations on rape,” he said.

Ohio State had multiple lawsuits filed it against it over the summer for its handling of Strauss which they filed to have dismissed on the grounds of statute of limitations.

“It appears to be too late to pursue justice in the civil or criminal justice system, because not only is Dr. Strauss deceased, but also because an arbitrary time period set by law called the statute of limitations will likely prevent them from seeking justice in the civil or criminal justice systems,” Allred said.


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  2. a sex crime is a crime of power, dominance, ego and violence. There are pressures in the victim to ‘shove it aside’ but the harm is there. And the guilty parties must pay. Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby are paying for their crimes. So must Kavanaugh and Douchebag Donald Trump!

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