Yoga instructor Kirsten Brademeyer demonstrating pose in Heartfelt Yoga Studio. Credit: Courtesy of Morgan Whitney Photography

Heartfelt Yoga Studio opened in the spring, becoming the newest yoga studio in the Short North, replacing former Thank Yoga studio.

While Heartfelt Studio is new to the area, the studio’s owner Alice Gantman is no stranger to Columbus. Having graduated from Ohio State this past spring with a degree in nutrition sciences, she took a chance when she discovered the owner of Thank was planning on closing the studio and offered to buy it.

She made the purchase in May and became the official owner of the newly named Heartfelt Yoga studio. Gantman said she has been rebranding the studio based on three key words:

“We’re all about community, authenticity and originality,” Gantman said.  

Staffing her studio with local instructors whom she believes truly embody her mission and values of community, authenticity and originality, Gantman said she promises to remain true to her clientele.

“She’s very committed to making it a community rather than just a place to exercise. Everyone’s honed in on the philosophy of making it a home,” said Monica Lewis, a yoga instructor at Heartfelt.

Gantman said she believes her studio excels is in its sense of inclusivity.

“They say yoga is for everybody, so you can always find your fit — whether it’s a different style or a different instructor,” Gantman said.

She began practicing yoga at the age of 12 with her mom, shortly after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. During a time of discomfort and pain, yoga became her outlet and has been practicing ever since.

“For me, yoga’s my space to totally just check out and find that freedom and that’s why I really grew to love Vinyasa [yoga],” Gantman said.

Vinyasa is a type of yoga that focuses on connecting breath to movement. Lewis said Vinyasa yoga has also helped her through times of hardship in her life.

“Yoga has helped me kind of let go and just move and understand I am where I am and it’s okay,” Lewis said. “It’s not always about a particular moment, it’s about understanding the bigger picture in life rather than the moment.”

Aside from the Vinyasa style of yoga in the classes, Lewis said she believes Gantman’s authenticity plays a key role in the studio’s success.

“She’s super kind, just a wonderful person,” Lewis said. “Alice has made it a wonderful tradition of making it feel like it’s a home away from home and not only where you’re practicing it on your own.”

Heartfelt Yoga studio offers a variety of courses, including a foundations course, power Vinyasa, dirty-double thirty, an all-levels Vinyasa course as well as an affordable $5 all-levels Vinyasa course.

“You’ll get a great exercise but so much more than that — a connection with yourself, your soul and everyone around you,” Lewis said.

Gantman encourages people to come to a free yoga session on Sundays to experience what their community is all about.

“Lose everything you think you know about yoga and come in with a clear, blank open mind, especially with social media,” Gantman said. “That’s what you need. If you want to come in with that open mind you’re able to focus on what you really need in this hour.”

Heartfelt studio is located at 29 E. 5th Ave in the Short North. For more information, people can visit the studio’s website at