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March planned at Statehouse to protest “heartbeat” bill

The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio. Credit: Courtesy of TNS

A protest that began as a Facebook event only meant to be shared between a few friends has grown into an organized march in dissent of the controversial “heartbeat bill,” or House Bill 258.

The bill would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks into pregnancy, with the exception of cases that would result in irreversible bodily harm or death to the mother, but no exceptions in cases of rape or incest.

The protest is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. on Wednesday at Genoa Park on West Broad Street in Columbus, where protestors will meet, rally and listen to guest speakers before marching to the Statehouse where they will express their concern with the bill.

“I was very angry when I heard about the heartbeat bill passing through the house and it kinda just jarred me,” Savonna Medley, the march organizer and a first-year in international relations  at Columbus State Community College, said. “Six weeks is just not enough time. These are our bodies and it should be our choice.”

The march is taking place on the day the Ohio Senate is anticipated to vote on H.B. 258, after delaying its vote on the controversial bill last Thursday, according to Medley.

Representative Christina Hagan, Republican from Ohio’s 50th district and the lead sponsor for the Ohio heartbeat bill, said she began championing for the bill to extend constitutional rights to every person, regardless of age.

“We want to keep beating hearts beating in the state of Ohio and that includes our most vulnerable in the womb,” Hagan said.

Even in cases of rape or incest, there is still no excuse to seek an abortion after six weeks, Hagan said.  

“The bill does permit a woman to seek those types of services prior to a fetal heartbeat being detected, so when you’re in a scenario like that, you know that immediately,” Hagan said. “There’s no reason to let that child come to fruition and grow and have the mother and the child growing together and bonding together if that’s not the will of the mother.

In 2016, Republican Gov. John Kasich vetoed a heartbeat bill and instead signed another bill that bans abortion after 20 weeks of gestation, except in cases that would result in irreversible bodily harm or death to the mother.

And Kasich has said he is prepared to veto the bill again if it passes through the senate.

During a meeting outside of the Statehouse, Kasich told reporters his opposition to the bill has not changed, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

If the bill does not reach Kasich’s desk until next year because of the waning political window, it will land on the desk of his Republican successor, current state attorney general Mike DeWine, who said he would support the legislation during a campaign debate, according to The New York Times.

“I will sign the bill,” DeWine said in the interview with The New York Times. “I believe that the essential function of government is to protect the most vulnerable members of society. That includes the unborn.”

Medley said the protest will feature several guest speakers, including a spokesperson from Socialist Alternative Columbus branch and Planned Parenthood. More than 300 people have confirmed they will be participating.


  1. Why do you right wingers (I am one) even fight this crap?
    LET THESE LEFTIST savages cull their own herd. Theyre doing both THEIR unborn children a favor by not exposing the poor thing to the barbaric mother who is the sort who could, without conscience, slaughter their own son or daughter…and my grandkids wont have to live in the world with their offspring who will very likely be far worse than the parents are today.

    If this filth wants to cull its offspring…let them do it.
    Better for OUR world now and later.

    • Someone just learned the word Cull.

    • Abortion IS wrong, it’s killing – but before we can handle that issue, how about making this world a better place – one worth living in? And that means CHANGING ATTITUDES. It’s juvenile attitudes like yours that make this world the cesspool that it is. How about improving the lives of people – decent education, real undysfunctional families, health care for the sick + the old, RESPECT for other people than yourself. I guess those 10 Commandments – yeah, you learn them verbatim but who really practices them? Certainly not people with your attitude.

      And BTW kissing up to an uncouth criminal Mussolini posing as a President and name-calling all this stupid ‘left wing/right wing’ nonsense only shows a gross ignorance + a lack of maturity. So yes abortion is wrong, it’s killing but we need to make things better for the born! And that means changing narrow childish attitudes, people quit acting like Pavlov dogs, and growing up. You ain’t a kid anymore. You’re in college now and it’s time to get educated. Think for yourself. Have a happy + fruitful 4 – 5- 6 years and don’t get trashed too much.

      • Abortion is wrong? Please visit any major or minor city in India, China, or Indonesia. Especially India…You will INSTANTLY become pro-choice, if not pro-abortion.

        Abortion serves a purpose, and that purpose is to control the world’s population. Without abortion, filth, resource access issues, and overpopulation will occur.

        And how is abortion “killing”? Is eating a steak from Denny’s “killing” since it involves eating a *previously alive animal? Is swatting a mosquito “killing”?

  2. The article calls the proposed legislation “controversial.” There is nothing controversial about legislation supporting our unalienable, Creator-Endowed Rights [life chief among them]. We form government to secure such rights. The made up “right” for a pregnant women to order her unborn child murdered is an unconstitutional, ungodly contrivance of the federal judiciary. Abortion, let alone abortion on demand Is Not the Law of the Land!!! Courts are Not Permitted to Make Law under the constitution of the united States!!!

    Truth and education are sadly lacking at OSU.

    • The Constitution mentions Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. That means that everyone deserves a full happy life (no free rides). Abortion on demand is not a Constitutional right but then is the ‘right’ to carry a gun around and murder someone + say ‘he started it’ a right? This ‘Stand Your Ground’ is an excuse to murder. And look at the hypocrites running Texas. If evidence comes ‘too late’ that would exonerate a death row felon then s/he dies anyway! And the death penalty is applied more if the victim of a crime is white, no matter what the color of the criminal is. Where is the ‘pro-life’ in that? Where is the ‘justice for all’ in that? Truth and education are sorely lacking in America. Just look at the traitor collaborator child-snatching sex criminal excuse of a President – Benito Cheeto il Douche Donald spankee boy Trump.

    • If you think abortion is “murder,” I urge you to visit a third world, developing country like India. Abortion is NEEDED in today’s world. Too many unwanted children and unfit parents will result if there is no access to abortion. Not too many resource scarcity, crime, filth, and disease.

  3. Ironic, online edition had abortion march story followed by alien LIFE detection feature.

    John Steele 82

    • I guess interstellar life has more value than it does on the big Blue Marble planet Earth?

      • Funny how you’re so liberal, yet you seem to have no knowledge regarding how overpopulated and resource-scarce the Earth is. You can’t HAVE everything. Abortion exists for a reason. Without it, our resources would QUICKLY run out, and disease would be rampant.

  4. Abortion stops a beating heart.

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