Former Ohio State wrestler Mike DiSabato (left) plead no contest to harassment charges on Friday. Credit: Courtesy of Marty Schladen, Columbus Dispatch

Michael DiSabato, a prominent accuser of Richard Strauss, plead no contest to charges of harassment in court on Friday.

DiSabato was charged with nine counts of telecommunications harassment in July for emails sent to Ohio State University employee and former football player Matthew Finkes.

Judge Ted Barrows fined DiSabato $250 plus court fees and suspended a 180 day jail term that can be reinstated if DiSabato violates his probation. He was also ordered to make no contact with Finkes.

DiSabato was jailed earlier this month after turning himself in following a warrant be issued for his arrest for missing a court appearance in this case.

DiSabato was one of the first of Strauss’ accusers —who stands accused of sexually abusing at least 150 students during his time at Ohio State — to come forward publicly and has been among the most outspoken throughout the progress.