Construction projects will have to be approved by the full Board on Friday. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Managing Editor for Design

The Ohio State Board of Trustees Master Planning and Facilities committee met Thursday and approved six resolutions regarding funding for construction projects, approval to acquire property and approval to enter a long-term leasing agreement.

One of the main focuses of the meeting was the West Campus Innovation District project, including the construction of the Energy Advancement and Innovation Center. The committee approved to enter into professional services contracts for the project, pending approval by the full Board Friday.

The project for the center is expected to cost $35 million, with the Board approving $3 million of partner funds with Ohio State Energy Partners.

Another part of the same resolution was the request to increase professional services and construction contracts for the central sterile supply of the Wexner Medical Center Inpatient Hospital, as well as the hospital’s garage.

The committee approved a total of $45.7 million for the central sterile supply and $74 million for the garage, all through auxiliary funds.

Also approved was a resolution authorizing Ohio State purchasing of property on Shier Rings Road in Dublin, Ohio.

The resolution comes from the medical center seeking to acquire vacant land for an additional ambulatory care facility in Central Ohio, and the section of land in Dublin “supports the WMC’s ambulatory care strategy,” according to Board documents. The following resolution authorized the university to enter an economic development agreement for the property.

Other resolutions were approved during the session, which included entering a long-term lease and purchase option with Campus Partners by WOSU Public Media for its new building as part of the 15 + High project. They also approved to enter a joint use agreement with Smart Columbus to “document the value and permit the release of funds appropriated in the State Capital Bill to develop the Smart Columbus Experience Center.”