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Nitty Scott & Tangina Stone come to campus for Women’s History Month

Tangina Stone and Nitty Scott pose for a photo after their panel on feminism, intersectionality, and hip hop at the Multi Cultural Center. Credit: Twinkle Panda | For the Lantern

Nitty Scott, a New York-based hip-hop artist and Tangina Stone, a New York-based R&B singer, discussed feminism, hip-hop, and intersectionality on a panel for a Women’s History Month event on Wednesday in the Student Life Multicultural Center.

On the panel, Scott, an Afro-Latina queer performer, and Stone, an African-American lesbian musician, discussed how their intersectional identities created professional difficulties.

They appeared on the panel, called “A Conversation with Nitty Scott,” to promote their music and build sisterhood amongst women. As these artists discussed the similarities in their identities, they said that building female relationships got them through difficult times in their careers.

“I was never allowed to step outside of what made people comfortable,” Scott said. “If you have a problem with a woman liberating herself, then I don’t want you to buy my album.”

Stone said that the system was set up against her.

“People try to police your growth,” Stone said.

Emma Terres, one of the interviewers on the panel and a student employee at the MCC, introduced Madison Eagle, the Women Student Initiatives’ Intercultural Specialist, to Scott’s music and she immediately reached out and booked her for the event.

Scott’s visit to Ohio State represents Eagle’s hopes for the future of the Women Student Initiatives Department in making it more inclusive.

“It’s important for women of color on this campus to see themselves reflected in the people that we bring to campus as speakers,” Eagle said.

Scott and Stone played a free concert at Trism on Thursday night.

Scott said she wants her shows to be a place where women can express themselves however they want and be free from fear of harassment.

“Women to the front. This show is for you,” Scott said at the panel. “We love women. Women are the muses. Women are the supporters.”


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