The Ohio State Longboarding Club will host Columbus’ annual biggest long boarding event, Gnarnia, this weekend. Credit: Courtesy of Angie Volchko

Whether you’ve been longboarding for years or are just getting the hang of it, the Longboarding Club at Ohio State is putting on Gnarnia, Columbus’s biggest annual longboarding event on Saturday.

The event promises a fun and relaxing day full of chances to connect with others who are passionate about longboarding. At Gnarnia, four competitions will take place: push race, slide jam, hippie jump and best line.  The competitions are available for those who’ve always wanted to showcase their skills or see a longboarding competition in person.

The different events present participants with the chance to win two grand prizes: a loaded Dervish Sama Deck and an original Vecter Deck, two beautifully crafted boards. Although pre-registration has closed, there’s still an option to register for the competitions the day of the event.

Those who don’t participate in the competitions can also come enjoy the festivities. Food and drinks will be available, along with raffle tickets for multiple different prizes, for $1. T-shirts will also be sold for $15.

Whether you enjoy longboarding or just sitting back and watching, Gnaria promises to hold a fun event where longboarders and fans alike can come together for an afternoon of friendly competition, fun raffles and more.

For $10, participants receive the chance to compete in all four events, while it’s only $4 to compete in one of the events. The club accepts cash or Venmo. It will run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event will be held at Griggs Reservoir Park on 4187 Riverside Drive.