The inside of Mid High Market features a retro design and orange motif. “Every single person’s like ‘What’s up with the oranges?’” store manager Skyler Kitts said. Along with the time period, Pence was inspired by his first job at a supermarket. Credit: Aaron Lien | For The Lantern.

Mid High Market might sound like a place that would sell fresh produce, but the recent High Street addition is actually putting out fresh threads.

Mid High Market sells locally printed graphic apparel, with an outdoor pop-up store selling Ohio State merchandise on football weekends. The store is debuting an exclusive collection of supermarket-themed shirts that match its vintage aesthetic Friday on its website and in-store.

The store sports a ’60s and ’70s produce market design, with stacks of fake oranges placed throughout the interior to match the bright colors of the merchandise. The store was founded by Austin Pence in place of his other business venture, T-shirt printing shop Printed By Pops. After Printed By Pops moved to its Clintonville, Ohio, location, Pence converted the High Street space into Mid High Market.

“It all started from music. I’m obsessed with everything from that era,” Pence said. “And through Pops, we do a lot of logo creation. When you’re looking through those logotypes, those designs are still being used today.”

The store carries its own designs, along with other local brands such as Ohio Allegiance and 11Warriors. Skyler Kitts, store manager and clothing designer, said the market will hopefully add Cleveland Browns and Cavaliers merchandise in the future.

Oct. 5, when Ohio State played Michigan State, was a particularly successful pop-up, Kitts said. Mid High Market sold out of its merchandise in four hours.

“Thursday, we had our first drop of stuff, and that completely sold out,” Kitts said. “Then Friday, we had a bunch more, and basically what we had left, we sold on Saturday.”

Kitts said she began as a production artist at Printed by Pops and continued her involvement when Mid High Market opened.

She said Mid High Market will not be hosting a pop-up this weekend in order to restock on merchandise during Ohio State’s bye-week. However, the new collection will be available inside.

Kitts said the next pop-up will feature the new collection.

“It’s been pretty amazing, honestly. It’s really awesome to see how many people want to come here,” Kitts said.

With colder weather approaching, Pence said the store will stay open as long as possible.

“As long as there’s people walking on High Street, there’s going to be a market for us,” Pence said.

Mid High Market is located at 1758 N. High St. and open from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday.