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Foxx still a better actor, but improving

Jamie Foxx is doing pretty well for himself, between the successful acting and music gigs. Let it be known that he is much better at the former. “Best Night of My Life” could use some work.

The first problem is that this album is simply too long. An album with 15 tracks better have a mix of topics to keep the listener awake, but this one does not. Nearly every song is about some combination of having sex, drinking fine spirits, making money and having more sex. This is pretty standard fare for modern R&B so one can’t blame Foxx for following the formula, but he could have done it in fewer tracks. Foxx even added an intermission track, “Let Me Get You On Your Toes.” He called it an interlude, but it acted the same way.

In terms of actual lyrical content, “Best Night of My Life” is a step up from his 2008 album “Intuition.” As mentioned before, the content isn’t deep but it’s a step in the right direction. “Winner” features Foxx and guests Justin Timberlake and T.I. explaining why the title applies to them, and it’s hard to argue. “Living Better Now” sounds edgier (to Foxx’s benefit) but it is as well-suited for the club as any other song on the album.

Aside from “Winner,” the guest stars didn’t do enough to boost the tracks they are featured on. Rick Ross mumbles through “Living Better Now” and Drake’s effort seems halfhearted in “Fall For Your Type.” Surely Nicki Minaj had at least one more great guest spot left.

Sexcapade songs like “Freak” might not be amazing, but they are at least on par. Foxx is not an Usher or a Ne-Yo, but he’s working on it. Hopefully his next release will be the best album of his life.

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