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Ohio State cancels evening classes

After Facilities Operations and Development workers spent most of the day de-icing campus sidewalks, Ohio State canceled evening classes.

According to an e-mail from OSU media relations received at about 3:45 p.m., college and administrative units will dismiss at 5 p.m., however, the OSU Medical Center will remain open 24 hours a day, as well as other “essential” services, such as public safety and residence halls.

The announcement comes after many students slid their way to morning and afternoon classes.

“I’ve fallen three times today; once coming down the stairs from my apartment, another time when I was running to catch the bus, and a third time when I was just walking on West Campus,” said Ben Jelen, a second-year in biomedical engineering.

Fortunate students stayed on their feet after watching other students fall victim to the ice.

“I’ve seen at least two people fall today, and I almost fell coming out the back door of McPherson (Chemical Lab) after my chemistry class,” said Cindy Bellman, a first-year in exploration.

OSU followed other Ohio universities that issued class cancellations.

Kent State University, the University of Dayton and Denison University canceled all Tuesday classes, and Miami University canceled classes after 2 p.m.

Katie Huston contributed to this story.

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