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Columbus Brewing Company a step up from Natty Lite

One word that’s sure to get a college student’s attention: beer. Most Ohio State students don’t venture farther than the Arena District to get it, but a bit more on the COTA into the Brewery District is a restaurant that offers beers for those looking for more taste than Natty or PBR that a campus bar can offer.

The Columbus Brewing Company, located at 525 Short St., is all about its brews, and the menu helps customers pick the beer most suited to their food selection. From the light, fruity Summer Teeth ale that pairs well with the Seared Sea Scallops ($19.95) to the strong, hazy Columbus IPA that complements heavier dishes such as the Fennel Sausage ($12.75), the Brewing Company aims to please all palates.

Looking to escape campus for dinner, my housemates and I ventured to the Brewing Company Friday, where I ordered the Columbus Pale Ale Pulled Pork ($8.95). Topped with pepper jack and red onion, the pork was juicy and flavorful, even without the shot of key lime BBQ sauce that came on the side. All sandwiches on the menu (ranging in price from $8.95-$10.25) come with a side of coleslaw and garlic fries.

The menu was more diverse than I anticipated. I expected sandwiches, steaks and cheeseburgers to make up more of the menu, but everything from a Goat Cheese Ravioli ($8.95) starter to Orange Glazed Salmon ($16.95) and Cajun Jambalaya ($16.95) was on the menu. The less conventional items were a bit out of our college-student price range, so my friends and I stuck to the sandwich menu.

To go with my meal, I ordered a light Apricot Ale — the second lightest on the menu. I prefer wine to beer most of the time, but the ale’s sweet kick satisfied me. Two of my roommates ordered the tasting flight, which usually includes seven beers (the Summer Teeth was not available the night we were there, so there were six).

Our waitress informed us that the strongest beer, No. 7, the IPA, was nicknamed “The Creeper” because of its potency and the toll it’s taken on drinkers past. The IPA smelled like a thick, orange perfume and was cloudy. One sip was enough for me — definitely not a drink for faint-hearted beer drinkers.

The Columbus Brewing Company’s warm wooden interior combined with the menu and beer selection made for a fun and relatively inexpensive night out. The restaurant is worth a second visit, but I might order from the wine list next time. Beer connoisseurs, on the other hand, will be content.

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