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Dueling Pianos cover songs for crowds at Ohio Union

The Big Bang Bar’s Dueling Pianos act brought its rock ‘n’ roll covers to a large, chatty crowd Friday evening at Woody’s Tavern in the Ohio Union.

The performance was presented by the Ohio Union Activities Board and was part of an ongoing partnership that will keep the Dueling Pianos act coming to Woody’s Tavern every other week throughout Spring Quarter.

The act consisted of two performers who each sat behind a piano on stage and took requests from the audience, playing a wide variety of past radio hits.

The musical selection on Friday evening spanned many decades, as well as genres.

The duo played popular classic rock tunes from the likes of Elton John and Queen alongside ‘90s hits by groups like Oasis. The creative peak of the show was reached with a rousing performance of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.”

Big Bang Bar musicians are required to know a wide range of songs, spanning from classic rock to current pop hits, said Matt Monk, one of the two Dueling Pianos performers on Friday.

Monk said he and his colleagues have to stay sharp when playing outside of the bar to younger crowds. He said many people make it their personal goal to stump the musicians with a request they don’t know.

As performers, they find satisfaction in fulfilling the more obscure song requests, Monk said.

The crowd, made up mostly of students, provided plenty of requests but was quite talkative and disengaged from the performance.

“It was good; it’s been better before,” said Reed Wilkinson, a first-year in math. “It definitely seemed like the crowd was kind of distracted and talking a lot.”

The performers were not visibly impacted by the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd throughout much of the two-hour show.

Some attendees were still not satisfied with the song selection.

“Last time I was here, they played ‘I’m On a Boat,’ and it was really, really good,” said Lauren Tenney, a first-year in French. “They ignored that request this time, I was kind of bummed.”

The Dueling Pianos will continue to play at Woody’s Tavern every other Friday for the remainder of Spring Quarter and can also be seen at Columbus’ Big Bang Bar, located at 401 N. Front St.

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