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Chromeo finds love in Columbus

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Electro-funk band Chromeo performed for a packed house at the Newport Music Hall on Tuesday. Though their set did not last very long, the high-energy performance and the crowd interaction left many fans begging for more.

Formed in Montreal in 2004, Chromeo’s sound combines repetitive beats and funky synthesizer rhythms with smooth vocals to create music reminiscent of an ‘80s dance party.

Chromeo took the stage at 9:35 p.m. as the crowd began to cheer. The two-man group opened with “Intro” from the 2007 album “Fancy Footwork.” The crowd began to sing along, chanting, “Chromeo, ohhh.” The band then went into one of their most popular songs, “Fancy Footwork.”

Lead singer and guitarist David Macklovitch (aka Dave 1), who was dressed in a gray suit with black sunglasses, displayed his versatility during this song by singing, playing guitar, dancing and beating on a small percussion set with a single drumstick, after which he tossed the drumstick to an audience member.

The other member of the band, Patrick Gemayel (aka P-Thugg), was dressed in a camouflage jacket and gold chains around his neck. He constantly displayed his ability to multitask, often switching between several different keyboards and a small percussion set within the same song. There were six different keyboards on the stage.

Other highlights of the show included “Baby, Baby,” “Call Me Up,” “Momma’s Boy,” and the talk-box driven “Tenderoni.”

During the performance of “Hot Mess,” one fan reached out and tried to grab Dave 1’s guitar. He was able to dodge the grab, and then slapped the fan’s hand before returning to the microphone to sing.

Later in the show they teased the intro of Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing,” changing the lyrics to “I want my Chromeo,” instead of “I want my MTV.”

Dave 1 knew how to ignite the crowd.

“We’re trying to get some girls pregnant tonight,” he said, to which the crowd cheered loudly.

From there the band went into the extremely funky “You’re So Gangsta,” another one of their popular songs. This was the peak of the show, and the audience knew it, as the jumping and dancing seemed to reach an all-time high.

Chromeo ended the set with “Night by Night” before walking off stage.

When the crowd began chanting again, the band returned to play “I Am Somebody,” “Don’t Turn the Lights On,” and “Grow Up” for the encore.

Though Chromeo’s entire set only lasted for a little more than an hour, concertgoer James Cullen, who first heard of the band less than a week ago, was satisfied with the performance.

“I probably would have been happier if they played for a little longer,” he said, “But for the amount of songs that they fit into that time it was perfect.”

Cristy Payne, who said she has been a fan of Chromeo since she first heard of them three years ago, was pleased with the concert as well.

“It was everything I expected,” Payne said, adding that the two-hour drive from her home in Cincinnati was well worth it.

“My favorite part was at the end when he gave everyone in the front row a high-five, and I managed to get myself up there to get one,” Payne said.

Mayer Hawthorne opened up for Chromeo. The most notable part of the band’s performance was its rendition of Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True.”

Chromeo’s manager declined to provide an interview with the band.

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