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Commentary: Don’t be so quick to banish the No. 2 jersey

Cody Cousino / Photo editor

After Terrelle Pryor departed Ohio State earlier this summer, I proceeded to hang my No. 2 scarlet jersey in the same section of my closet as my LeBron jersey and my No. 13 Maurice Clarett jersey.

But not all Buckeye fans had the same idea.

Stores all over the Columbus area purchased No. 2 jerseys in preparation for the 2011 season. Former OSU quarterback Pryor was in a position, before the scandal broke, to make a Heisman run in 2011.

Now, after Pryor’s departure to the NFL and his acquisition by the Oakland Raiders in the supplemental draft, Pryor no longer wears the scarlet No. 2 in Columbus.

Therefore, the jerseys are selling for under $20… a bargain for jersey standards.

Announced earlier this week, and confirmed on the field, redshirt freshman running back Rod Smith wore the infamous No. 2 for the opener at Akron.

He was not the only one in the ‘Shoe wearing No. 2.

Walking around the stadium before the game I counted hundreds (if not thousands) of No. 2 jerseys in the crowd.

I don’t know if it was the anticipation of Smith playing, or the fact that some people don’t have other options for jerseys yet, but the No. 2 had a presence at the stadium today.

With running backs Daniel “Boom” Herron and Jordan Hall out for the game, Smith was listed as the backup running back, behind Carlos Hyde. Smith had an opportunity to make a difference in this offense on Saturday.

And he did.

Smith made an impact in the 42 to 0 blowout, both for better and for worse. On his first drive as a Buckeye, Smith fumbled the ball for a turnover inside the five yard line. But later in the half converted on a 4th-and-1 conversion.

Smith finished the day with 73 yards on the ground and one touchdown. He looked explosive and shifty on Saturday afternoon.

Note: I’m aware it was the Akron defense.

While I may have banished my No. 2 jersey to the other end of the closet, other fans have not. With several bright years in front of him, the No. 2 jersey can, and will, find a place in Columbus.

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