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Time-tested television ‘SNL,’ ‘Dexter’ beat out newcomers ‘Whitney,’ ‘Up All Night’

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The good …


“Desperate Housewives”

With the ladies of Wisteria Lane appearing in their final season, it will surely be a somber moment when the series ends and we can’t take our weekly tour around America’s favorite cul-de-sac. This show has continued to keep me and the faithful fans interested by bringing back memorable characters and storylines from previous seasons and by adding more depth, which is hard to do without spreading the storylines too thin. “Housewives” has the right consistency to keep going for another eight seasons.



“Dexter” is easily one of the most entertaining and nail-biting shows on TV. The writing is brilliant and the acting is stupendous, which leads me to believe the upcoming season six premiere on Sunday will live up to the show’s quality standard.


“Saturday Night Live”

Even though many people may not tune into the show when it’s not a voting season, the political sketches that kick the show off continue to be funny and fresh, even to non-political viewers like myself, which is one thing the writers of “SNL” have a special talent of doing. No matter how much news the viewer consumes, “SNL” will always recap the week with its timeless sarcasm and never ending wit, which translates into their monumental three decade run on TV.


The bad …


“Up All Night”

Based on the commercials, I wasn’t excited at all for this new show starring Christina Applegate and Blades of Glory star Will Arnett. After watching the first episode, I actually found it to be a little humorous, but can’t help to think that once the baby storyline has expired, those parents won’t be “Up All Night,” but more “Up at a Reasonable Time because Our Baby Can Sleep Through the Night,” which just sounds like a horrible show.



Unfortunately, Whitney Cumming’s violently hilarious celebrity roast humor doesn’t translate well into sitcoms. Fifteen minutes into the first episode, I changed the channel out of boredom.



I have never personally been a “Glee” fan, and even though it could easily be considered one of the funniest shows on TV, it’s not one I will be looking forward to.

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