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Students borrow books to save a buck

With the price of textbooks constantly on the rise, more students are turning to renting books as a cheaper option to the quarterly hassle.

General manager for Buckeye Books, Chuck Evans, said the amount of students renting books has increased since they started offering rentals about a year ago.

Evans said he thought it was a good idea for students to rent textbooks.

“It is less money up front,” Evans said. “Unless they are planning on keeping the books.”

Andrew Gordon, general manager for UBX Book Exchange, agreed that rental book sales are increasing, but said there are still a lot of people who prefer to buy books.

Kevin Porter, a third-year in respiratory therapy, said he had never thought about renting his books.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I don’t think it’s some great idea either,” Porter said.

Porter said he thinks a main reason why some students do not rent textbooks is because there is poor advertising.

Evans said he tries to prevent this by increasing in store advertisement to remind customers of the renting possibility, even while they are buying books.

However, Taylor Baum, a second-year in radiologic sciences and therapy, said she never really knew about renting books.

Baum said it is a good idea that can save her money in the future.

“It is worthwhile because sometimes you try to sell your books back and they won’t take (them),” Baum said.

Evans said renting textbooks is a good way to save money on one of the biggest expenses for a college student.

“An extra dollar in the bank account can be more helpful down the road,” Evans said.

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