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The Arts & Life section is getting a makeover and we’re looking for reader input

The Arts & Life section is getting a makeover.

We are in the process of revamping the section. Since I took over as editor Spring Quarter, the Arts & Life section has grown. We’ve covered more events that we feel students care about and the readership of our stories has reflected that.

In fact, we are also considering changing the name of the section to more accurately describe the content we provide.

We’re also going to change the color scheme of the page.

Part of the appeal of the arts section is to make it aesthetically pleasing. Arts sections need to look nice — plain and simple. The purple and green isn’t offensively unappealing, but it tends to print badly, and that’s frustrating for a section that must look its best.

I’m also not particularly fond of the purple, either. Quite frankly, the purple and green makes it look like Barney the Friendly Dinosaur puked on the page.

That said, we want to involve students in the color change process. Which color scheme would you prefer?

We’ve narrowed the choices down to three.

We have a green color scheme from the now-defunct metro section. We also have a sky blue scheme, which utilizes the blue we use for our weather graphic on the front page. Finally, we have an entirely new scheme, which would be pink.

Take a look at the options and tell us what scheme you’d like to see. Vote in a poll on our website, post your vote on Facebook and tweet your choices to our Twitter account, @TheLanternArts. Polls are now open and will run through Oct. 11. The changes will take place on Oct. 17.

Let us know what you think, not only about the colors, but our content as well. Do you like it? What do you want to see more or less of? Comment on our stories, email me or tweet us at our Twitter account.

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